Saturday, October 11, 2003

Well I talked to the lady, in Georgia Belle, some more!

She sits there at 7 AM, every morning, waiting for her ride, to take her to the nursing home to see her husband. She spends 12 hours a day there.

She tells me that they have been married, now, for over 50 years. *most* of her relatives, her age, have been married for 50 to 60 years!
She also knows that her own younger relatives: the ones under 40, she knows of one lady who has about 40 friends about 40 years old....ALL of them have been divorced at least ONCE!

She grew up on a Kentucky farm and was a farm wife for years. In her days NO mother ever ever worked outside of her home, and often even when the kids went off to college, or left, she would remain home.
People, there and then, Accepted fate, she says, if it rained on the crops, it was God's will, and one accepted.
Stress was nil.

Her own mother lived to be 90+ and she was never never sick one day, and one day she fell over dead, in her 90s.

De-votion, to her husband. Love.

Perhaps we all should listen to what the Al-Queda/Taliban have to say, about how one should live one's life!
We can learn from our enemies: often they are our shadows!!
there *might* be something there, in their way of life, the Taliban, that is Missing from ours!!

a "synthesis", anyone??!!
--the best of both worldwiews, anyone?!!