Wednesday, October 29, 2003

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I got this letter, in reply to my weblog post about the Viet Nan vets who have Obsessing spirits near them, of other dead soldiers.

In response to your Vietnam vet story, I was reminded
of the last expo I
participated in. A man sat down and said that he had
been in Vietnam.
Instantly a Vietnamese soldier "popped in" just over
his right shoulder. I
have seldom seen an earthbound spirit so vividly. My
friend P was also
sitting there and saw the man too.

(Not Coincidentally) P. had been to Vietnam and
visited the war museum
there. A long conversation ensued and during this
time, I believe we
succeeded in releasing both these men from their
karmic entanglement. I
believe this is very valuable work. I have also
released a soldier from
Gettysburg. When the reenact those battles it just
reinforces the "reality"
for the earthbound soldiers there.........

yes, very good!

I suppose when these earthbound soldiers run out of energy and thus have to reincarnate, they will incarnate full of rage and want to continue fighting...
read: "terrorists"!!
I can think of many countries that are "entry points" now.....

Yes a person who is psychic, on earth, can be a bridge between spirit and the earth. The stuck souls cannot see their spirit helpers but they can see the earthly medium, so that they can connect with their Guides and helpers via that incarnated person!

"be aware of your thoughts and feelings: often, all too often, they are not your own"!
...This is a quote coming from a Guide, speaking through a medium, talking about the "demons"
who are these earthbound souls, who hover near a person and try to get them to drink, to get angry, to kill themselves...etc..etc.!!
too..often these lost souls are aided by yet more powerful entities who *live* in the dark regions and may never ever have been incarnated AS a human...these souls are the *REAL* demons...demons who influence the lost, stuck., souls!! Thus the "air" above a person, can be a very busy place!!

yes, OWN your thoughts, claim them or else deny and release them, if they are not yours!!
I can see how for some souls, to kill themselves or to hurt themselves...That comes from these obsessing souls...These souls hate that person who is incarnated, or else wants them to die so that he can go be with them in hell!!