Friday, October 03, 2003

Last night at the Towers, where I live.
I have lived here for about a month now. Most of the residents are in their 70s and 80s, at 62, i must be one of the youngest there! There are several people who are over 95!
About once per week, in the middle of the night, there is an ambulance run, to the front driveway! Last night there were TWO appearences, one complete with a fire truck, meaning that the person that it came for was in Dire Staights! [firehouse is three blocks away!]
When I walked down through the lobby, at about 7 AM, there were the usual three or four "little od ladies" who are always there, getting ready to take a walk or to go to somewheres.
No one mentioned the two events. I Did Not Ask!

*That* seems to be a Firm unwritten rule: do NOT ask about "who and whom and how", of these ambulance runs in the middle of the night!

There are about 150 to 160 residents here, i figure that about 70% of these people are 70 to 80 year old widows who are in poor health. That means about 140 people are *very* near the ends of their own personal Conveyor belt: the package slowly goes to the end of the belt, pushed by Time's hands, to Drop into the A-waiting
do not talk about it.
do not think publicly about it.
do not ask.

---be like imagining, in your best friend or relative, as you talk with them, all of their inner organs, that they are a pile of flesh and meat!!

Yes, many of these "runs" are probably just to the hospital for a overnight exam and a Release the next day or three....but while there, Mr Death Consults: with his Palm, he looks at the Program
containing the "list" of "who and whom" is on tap for Ascentioning, today! For *most* of these residents, their name is not on *today's* list, thank you....but
they surely, now, cannot Forget that the End of their conveyor belt, is now Seen!!

for *you*, your end-of-the-belt, is far far off!
but sometimes cars, airplanes and viruses, can be like of a "can opener" to open the "can of beets early", long before this cans rusts "of old old age"!!