Friday, October 24, 2003

Interesting "little old lady" that I met on the bus, the other day!!

I helped her get on the bus, and we both rode back to the Georgia belle. I helped her get off, and we both walked back the one block. During this time, she talked of her life and how her UNGRATEFUL, uncaring, relatives are so caught up in living their lives that they pay to her so little attention! That they all live, her children and her inlaws, in big suburban houses and they have money and that they seem to always be Cold to her.

[boy! Seems to be that she is a lady who lives as if it is "1950" and that the means today's her- younger relatives ignore that old Meaning of..."Respect your elders and when they get old, they should live with you, in your home, and that you should Pay them Their Regards as being "old" and need the Care that you can give to them: they raised you and now it is Payback Time, just as when YOU get old, you would want your children to take you in"
----that she is in the right and being discriminated against by her children, the "disliked" kids who hate her]

----I pondered, later.
I pondered the walk and the ride on the bus where she talked to me a lot. I recalled how COMPLAINING
she was, in everything!
"bitchy", actually!
I did not feel comfortable with the TONE of her voice, as if she had 87,003 unspoken "chits" to present to the Angel Gabriel, after she dies and comes to heaven...chits that all say..."life is a bitch, just LOOK at all the things that life presented to me that are just aaaaawwwww-full!

would I want to have her live with me?!!

yet again, sports fans, a Lesson. A lesson in "always judge the judger" whenever they talk about something! There is always another side to every story. I wonder what these kids of hers would tell me if I were to ask them?!! *would* they tell me..."We love Mom, but she wears us down with her bitter complaints about everything. The very flowers would wilt in her presence and thus I/we just cannot bear to have her around for very long...too too stressful!!"

as we entered Georgia belle, she lit up with a more greater emotional snit about how she dislikes her relatives and holds a never ending dislike, of them.
I then told her about how one cannot "win" an argument with the Devil by talking the devil's own language!! That one should Love and forgive these relatives: after all , you all will meet in heaven some day, better forgive and love, NOW, before you die!

she changed the subject quickly!

if I had Persisted in my "folly", in trying to awaken her...She would probably "add me to her List, of people who are against her"!!
"awaken her".....The fact of how everyone, while a star in their own play and everyone around them is a bit player: one is a supporting player in everyone else's dramas where they are the stars! Thus when one plays a part in another's drama, one radiates outwards a certain AFFECT and that affect
causes the other players to act and to react, accordingly. One is, so to speak, often unaware of their
own "body odor"....

I suppose she feels that she is RIGHT in her bitches on everything around her, and that other people Just Not Knows How Things Are!! She wants to be accepted, bitterness or not!

but it is HARD for most people to
"pet a porcupine or a scorpion"!!