Monday, October 06, 2003

Interesting dream last night! I went to a party! A party of people, who seemed to be of the "artistic elite"...Some of the wondrously creative people that are artists and writers and intellectuals, in cities like of new York, or San Fran.
I came at the time that they all were getting ready for their "entertainment".
Their host had pre-arranged, before they all came, a whole floor of a near by house, for a "game". The whole floor was filled with items and books and clues, much like of a computer adventure game! There were maps, with "post-its" stuck onto the paper, I could see one such yellow sticker with the number "11-9" stuck over new York City!!
["9-11", backward!]
people then ran all around the four or six rooms, peering into each and every object there. No one could tell if any certain object was important or not: everything had to be scrutinized!
A nail on the wall?....
trash in the trashcans?
A spot of color on the table: why what did the spill mean?!....And was that spill
from coffee?....And why did someone drink coffee *then*?!

Finally, someone figured out what the "owner" of this house had for a a "life-philosophy", and this person won the game!