Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I went out to the shuffleboard court, behind the Georgia belle apts where I live, yesterday.
[the photo is of another one!]
There were several ladies out enjoying, sitting on benches, the nice 80 degree weather.

*this* morning, "the" lady was sitting in the hall chair, awaiting yet again her ride to the distant HOME where her husband lives. This home is for people further down the road towards "nursing home", in fact it *IS* a nursing home. She, herself, is still in relative good health.

she goes nearly every day, and she spends nearly 10 to 12 hours a day there. Been married, now, for over 50 years. She tells me that most of her younger relatives are divorced at least once, but she has even older relatives that had just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary together!
Incredible. I would NOT be surprised that if I saw the two of them together, they would look alike!
Probably might not talk to each other so much, as they used to, years ago, as by now each knows what the other will say: telepathy!!
probably he will die first, then she will die within a year or so from then, as now she will be Alone!

He will, if he dies first, he will probably have had a house built, in heaven, for her and he to live together.

Most of the people I know, younger than myself, have been re-married at least once, if not three times!!
or singleagain [one word!]
---often the divorce takes longer to "do" than the marriage lasted, with troops of lawyers in attendance, with even the Police officiating! The "kids" are pulled apart like taffy!
*this* is the way it was done, back in the Past......Marriage for life and a job for life and a house for life!!