Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I talked to a construction worker this morning: he came into my 7 am coffee cafe, from the construction job next door.

He is a Vietnam vet.
takes 22 pills a day, he says, for his stress and the Post Vietnam syndrome.
I told him about the Cage, the "Puju Cage" in front of the local chapter building of a Vietnam Vet organization, here, in Tallahassee. For years, they had on display, a Puju cage reconstruction, in front of their yard, near the sidewalk.

Puju cage....This is a cage of iron bars or strong bamboo, where the prisoners of war, captured by the Vietnam soldiers, were often kept. An animal cage, really, as it is about five foot to a side, many men who were kept there, spent months in them, I guess!

I told this man about what I thought was the "hidden symbol" of this veteran's club showing of this cage. It is as if the vets, many of them, are still *IN* the cage, still *IN* Vietnam, even years and years later!! They are in Vietnam, in their heads and thus live *like* they are still there!

a spirit guide once wrote about how many of the vets have many many souls of earthbound soldiers, near them, in spirit, souls who still have not accepted either death or their Fates, their anger towards the "enemy" still burns!
These are most often soldiers from our side, but including soldiers from the Vietnam people, as well as soldiers from other wars, and local Vietnam wars [war has been going on long LONG before even the French had their turn at it, Vietnam had been in war for hundreds of years! Just *think* of the number of earthbound warriors that could be generated from these years!!]

when the TWILIGHT ZONE TV program was re-created, in the 1980s, one of their shows showed the hell of a Vietnam vet! He had many many souls of soldiers, "above" him, in spirit, and the rage rage rage was terrible, hundreds of spirits full of rage and when an owner of a cafe "put down' this vet, when all the vet wanted was just a meal, there, all of the spirits somehow totally destroyed the cafe and killed this owner, in a fit of terrible, terrible RAGE!!

....So many of these vets still are in Vietnam! "fighting their inner demons", as a counselor once wrote. But this spirit Guide says that these demons are Real!

I suspect that when many of these vets die, if their conflicts are not resolved and there are no healings, forgiveness, or of lovingness done, when they die, they will also become either earthbound and attach themselves to other vets of other wars, like of Iraq...Or either they will go to a HELL world, where all of the spirits are still in war: one vast vast Arena of Gladiators fighting a never never-ending fight with each other!