Saturday, October 04, 2003

I rant "philosophical" today!

Here is what i think "sin" and "evil" is!!
I can say it in just one or two sentences, with a few other sentences as explaination: the topic that some people have written whole books over!!

SIN and Evil is just where a "5th grader, in the 5th grade classroom, is not doing the 5th grade level classwork, at the 5th grade level: instead, he is doing 4th, or 3rd, or even 1st grade level stuff"!

again: he is trying to work at 5th grade, using the prior grade's material, instead of using 5th grade level material. He is applying older lessons that are now inappropriate
for the level that he is now on!

If I assume that there are levels of spiritual subtleness, like of, say, 10 levels, where level one is..."The animal survival level, the "Monkey" level, and level two might be
about where the soul is "self-centered-only", then if I can call our present day society, in America..."Level five"; then anyone who tries to live in level five, with a level one or level two mentality, why he is applying more primitive material to a situation that requires a higher level application!!

--as the master s might say..."It goes to his lower chackras, instead of functioning
at the upper chackra level"!

Since "sex, Survival, power-over-others" are of a more "primitive" level, if these are used, in a place where a higher level ethics are required, then that user is "retrograde", thus "sins"!

There are yet more levels of "classrooms" above us, in vibration, yet to be experienced by us, as we all are not yet "advanced' enough yet to perceive them. Thus these more advanced levels of "soul-advancements" are like the color "ultraviolet", to us: invisible! Thus we all would "vibrate" at a lower frequency, instead, thus short circuiting the energy and bringing it down to a lower level.

all this "abstraction" might have a meaning if examples are given....
1...Trying to bring "democracy' to a country that does not have the individual and personal "ethical advancement" to be able to use it: all the donated food goes to the
overlords, the guards, the truckers:peasants get not a bit of it, ala the "etheopian hunger concert, of years ago: all the donations went DIRECTLY TO GUNS to fight the Eritian soldiers, or to help the outlaw Lords!!!
2...A teacher setting a cake, presliced into 30 slices, on the table, in her 3rd grade class: she leaves the room, after telling all the kids to "each come up and take one slice" the hidden vid camera will show that 8 kids will try to take ALL the slices, and 8 kids will not get even one, and some of the kids will have their slice ripped violently from their hands, by some "bully" that already has 4 slices crammed into his pocket and one more slice jammed into his mouth as a single-bite!!