Monday, October 13, 2003

----from Grist magazine.....

"Fairway to Heaven"

A gardening guru gives new meaning to a golfing green
by Lisa Jones
Evil green monster (a traditional golf course).

[Interesting article in its own right:Defending golf courses if they are "organic" like this one!
Yet another example of what i write about, in my article, below!]

Well well well...
Yesterday, I became Fixatated upon some Anger, that "was in the Air", or of something that I read.
something about "Abortion".

As I walked to the Strozier library, here at FSU, I had a small inspiration as to what this Process is!

Behold that picture of the Golf Course. Even the Title of the article is In Accord, in that this Golfer
is walking his way across the greens to heaven. His life, thusly, is this Link, this Long long View
off into the distance; when he arrives at the end, then heaven awaits.
There is lots of grass on this course, you might be able to see about 3,960,006 blades of grass, in the photo. Each blade of grass is

"something to get ANGRY about"!

Yesterday, I got fixatated upon grass blade # 296,032!
If I could "solve" this blade, why there is grassblade # 301,447, somewhat further down the green, to attend to!
then the next one. And another. Yet another: it never never ever ENDS!

What I find to be "Freaky" about all of this, sports fans, is that each "blade of grass" is an intersection for several 'sides' of an issue where *ALL* sides are True and Correct, in their stances!!!
There ARE very very valid reason why some women need their abortion! There are valid reasons why Israel should just leave the middle east: every Jewish person move to somewheres else!
*just* as valid a reason why the State of Israel should be there!

"milk is good".
but if you have lactose intolerance, milk is "evil"!

I have seen, over the years, web sites of 50 pages where every other sentence is in CAPS. That person has got down on their knees, somewheres on the "golf Green" and not only fixatated upon grass blade "# 7,922" but has ripped it up from the ground and now shakes his fist at the sky, and to all the other Players, and to all the other grass blades, trying to "convert" everything to his One True Grass Blade! Naturally all the other 3,961,885 blades are "opposed" to this blade that he holds in his hands, as it *is* separate from them all, by default.

oh smuck!
the very air, in this city of 300,000 people, is saturated with the thoughtforms of people who are Angry, angry as they fixate upon *their* little blade of green! Poor me! A "psychic sensitive", a teabag just SATURATED with the water of the collective Angst, that this tea bag sits in!

No matter what you say, or write, someone out there will hate it! No matter how "objective' you are, surely there will be something in the morning's paper that will "set off your buttons"!!

Myself, I try to see that we each are in Art Class 101, learning How To Draw, upon our 6 X 6 square of "life-paper"! Each of us WILL make mistakes, that a religious person might call a "Sin".
learn by doing. we learn by Doing. The only way. Sometimes by seeing the mistakes of others, we can learn. But we *will* makes mistakes!
Thus, there may well not be a "black or white" right or wrong, with each grass blade upon that Course: only

this morning's paper about SOYBEAN snacks. There was a trace of anger, written between the lines. She was writing about how soy is so GOOD for ya, how it is of a "stance" against the "fat society", if you eat these snacks, high in soy goodness.
that is the LIGHT side of Soy!
the DARK side? Better not tell this to that lady who gave birth to a "overly feminized" male baby, as all that soy that she ate, during her pregnecy: all those "estrogen-precursors", in the soy, went through the placental-barrier, and stimulated the femine hormones in that boy-fetus!!
[some doctors, in some countries, BAN soy foods, for expecting mothers!!]

SECRET: each and every "blade of grass" on that "golf course" has a light and a dark side!!
each and every one of them! Usually this dark side is *VERY* dark! Like of this example!
but it is up to each one of us to Choose, "light or dark", for each blade of grass that we touch. Each side is true and correct: CHOOSE, oh Soul!
[not choosing...Is itself a Choice"]
[choosing BOTH, or choosing NEITHER, are valid choices!]
If one chooses "neither" or "both", one needs to have a philosophical "way of life and Seeings"
that Transcends, is "larger than", the reality that is presented by what is of this Particular "blade of grass"!
thus, in my example, soy food is wonderful if one is a woman who likes natural foods and is somewhat "environmental aware". But if she is pregnet, or if the eater is a MAN?! Oh boy!!
But one must have a Lrger Vision, of life, before one can sense this, with Soy!

is Mr Swarz good for the state of California? Or bad for this state?
Lots of anger *There*, in *that* blade of grass!!

*MY* way of Transcending all of this, I guess, is to see that VAST field that is of this 18 hole golf course, and see way way off to that horizon of "life's end", and to Know that each blade of grass is a Soul lesson that one can learn, if one "picks" this blade and holds it up to one's eyes, and "believes" in it! A needed lesson for that person at that time.

...Part of one's drawing, in Art Class 101, in that High School "class of the earthly Incarnation", this all is!
Perfecting this "artistic statement", to "turn in" at Classes end! Each WILL be different, from each person's statement!

The Heavenly Choir singing would *not* be so nice, if everyone in this choir would be singing the very same note! Thus each drawing should be of a different "note" in this Sing, in the afterlife.

Choose on side, of the Grass Blade, or the other.
Or Both,
or Neither!