Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Spiritist Messenger 043
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this month's issue, number 43, has an interesting article...

Dolphins, Parrots and Muriquis: Three Different Paths for the SoulĂ‚’s Evolution

Three species living in different environments are shown as following safe paths towards
the hominal realm and beyond

Renato Costa

My special thanks to Ann Leslie Goldman for proof-reading the English version

(originally published by Casa Editora O Clarim in the August issue of Revista Internacional de Espiritismo)

In our previous article published by this magazine [1] we promised to show examples of evolution paths chosen by three animal species, one living on the land, another one in the sea and a third one moving through the air.
ThatĂ‚’s what we will be doing from this point onwards.


The order Cetacean contains mammals that migrated back to water about 60 million years ago, including several species that are considered by researchers as having developed high intelligence.

MY favorite "spiritual" magazine, here....
why just this morning, in my mailbox, was a survey company wanting me to do a survey about a "spiritual magazine" and they wanted input from readers about the format. They had four choices as to "slants"...But i found all of these slants to be "HUMANISTIC"! "feel good" stuff, and "what do other Great Thinkers" think about spirituality"?!

*this* GEAE Journal, has stuff to sink one's spiritual teeth into, i feel!!
[they have a back collection of all their previous issues!]