Thursday, October 23, 2003


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thanks....there are a *LOT* of wonderful photos of the San Francisco area on this site!!]

Well, yesterday, on my walk to the mall......
Just outside of the entrance to this mall, on this Glorious Indian summer Tallahassee day, I saw a Persimmon tree. I could see that there were a few persimmons left...Southern wild persimmons.
Just at this moment, a "homeless man" was approaching from the other direction and we both met just at the tree as I was reaching up into this tree to pick a ripe fruit. I, at the same moment, yelled to him, about the Wonders of persimmons. He also looked at me and then begun to ask me for money. His face looked, to me, to speak of "alcoholic need"...Where if he did not have his Drink, the shakes are not far far off! He paid to me not the slightest bit of attention, after I did not turn to engage him into his need-trip: he walked onwards....
perhaps he began to drink, like most drinkers, and the path of drink led to alcoholism. By now, drink has become his life, his world. The "hole in his record album, where every bit of his soul-songs revolves around"!! There are no fruit, in his world, only drinkneeds.
I suppose, if I read aright, that many alcoholics begin where the drink actually MAKES them a "higher awareness, more stronger, person"!! But at a Terrible terrible price: his soul!!
The longer he drinks, the shorter the time between "no drink" and the shakes of "body-need" for alcohol. Eventually....The time between this shaking and the drink, becomes near ZERO: he will be drunk all of the time, dawn to dusk!
*and* this is only the very very beginning!! When he dies, the Need is still there, in his soul, for Drink!! Only he cannot ever get fulfillment if he finds some astral drink!
"Hungry ghost" his name, after he dies, as the only way that he can get drink, is to be near other drinkers, on earth, and absorb some of their buzz, vicariously! many many recovering alcoholics have such trouble quitting as perhaps as many as 100 "hanger-oners", 100 disembodied souls, are hovering over him, in spirit, urging him to Drink, as these 100 Obsessing spirits *NEED* him to be drunk so that they can get their need-fix met!!

so this homeless man shambles away.....Perhaps no one can help him, now, as there might be no
way that anyone can reach him, as Drink Rules every thought and motive, by now......