Wednesday, October 08, 2003

As I left the Georgia belle senior towers apartments, this 7 A M, there was
The Lady. At 7 am, she is sitting on the chair by the door awaiting her ride. She seems to be there every morning.
*This* morning, about two hours ago, I asked her about some of her life. Her husband is in a nursing home in another part of the city. Both of them are probably in their late 70s. Yes he lives in another place where the care is more "assisted. She goes every day, to see and to be with him:"yesterday"...she says..."I was there until after 6 P M"!!
----nearly 12 hours!
she probably stays there from 5 to 12 hours each and every day.

Probably married since she was 20. That would be about 50 years.

Touching, this.....
One does not see this so often in *this* generation, sports fans! Such devotion, such closeness, and caring. I have several aunts, from my Interlaken hometown, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!
*Everyone* that I know, under 40, have been divorced and remarried/single, at least *ONCE*!! Half the people I know, have been remarried about 3 times!

yes, that was the generation.....Rochester, NY: I 1970-ly met a man walking near the railroad tracks, he was out for his retiree stroll, he lives two blocks from where he used to work, work in the building that we were near. He worked there, in the same room, at the same job...


and he lived the two blocks away! Still does!