Sunday, October 12, 2003


---that GEAE magizine, lower down in my previous postings, has, to me, a very very Disturbing question!

here is a messege that there is such a thing as "soul murder" where the soul, not the body, is hurt terribly!! The very WORST damage would be to prevent the soul from incarnating...called "abortion"!

and the abortion doctor would be a "worst case" of a murderer!!

[i betcha the aura around an abortion clinic is utterly awfull!!]

women thinking only of themselves, i guess....putting nothing ahead of their own wishes.
NOT children, anyway...

Once was a time when a person Came last! Family...society...came first: that is called "civilization"!

so Do I join the ranks of the people who would "execute" the murderer....the abortion doctor?!