Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Well today I am supposed to "sign the dotted line" to rent my apartment in the Senior Tower! If it goes OK, I begin to move in. Reality will not "hit me" until I sleep there, probably.
Just another move, I guess, I probably have moved 50 times since I went off to college.

I have two aunts who have lived 50 YEARS, in the same house!!
---tis a foreign concept to me, there were several times where I had to carry it with me and if I could not, out it went!
[suitcase and the BUS!!]

there are many people that I know, that *if* they had to move, it would take six moving vans to move them!

my sister when she died!!!
200 boxes in her house and 400 to 500 in a warehouse: I had to open each and every single one of them!!!
some boxes took one moment to look through and other boxes, well...All day for one box!
Yes, there were 500 of these boxes in that warehouse, I saluted the smoky mountains, off in the distance, and opened the roll-i-doors, and entered the warehouse, the warehouse that I rented *just* to open the boxes for!
when it was all over, the Auctioneer had to look it all over, so to make his catalogue up. A 150 by 150 foot square!

---the Incredibility of it all....Can be summarized by one box!!
this here box in her house, I had carried it through FIVE MOVES, it was a big heavy mucker of a box and it looked filled with rope!
there it was, in the basement, finally after five moves, I could see what was at the bottom of it! The rope came out. The rope only filled the very top of it. What was under this rope was a large large pocketbook: her pocketbook-before-the-one-that-she-had-before-she-died. I saw her, once, about five years before, coming home, to her Miami house, with a brand new pocketbook, big enough for overnight, probably could carry 50 pounds...She then transferred from her "old" pocketbook, into the new one. *this8 pocketbook was that one, I took it out and set it on the floor.
----and under it??
why another pocketbook! Another empty old old OLD pocketbook! The one before the Miami one, of course! It was so moldy that I could not bare to look in it! And there was yet another pocketbook, under *that* one!!

[picture of a cliff, of rock, on a interstate cliff-cut, came to mind: the layers of rock, each layer down is a more distant geological time!]

layers of pocketbooks, each one down was a more distant time, from her past. She bought very very good material pocketbooks, so that each one would last a long time.
I kept pulling out more pocketbooks, from this box, by now they each were GREEN with mold...I dimly recognized the LAST one, at the very bottom of this 6 or 8 layered-with-pocketbook geological strata, of her life. Yes, I dimly recalled that the very bottom pocketbook was the One that she went to

HIGH SCHOOL....1958...with!!!

Yes, in this "now" of 1986, I saw that she carried these old, emptied, broken, pocketbooks, though each and every move, that first one, for nearly 30 years of moves!!
---oh my aching back: I was the One who picked up that box and moved it, five times, for her....30 years of Strata of her life, Geological layers of empty pocketbooks!!