Tuesday, September 02, 2003

This week I go to "sign the dotted line" to rent a very small efficiency apt at "Georgia belle", the Senior Residence Towers.
5th floor.
---I might not be posting for a week, while I move and set up my "Room"! Takes near all my time, to pack...move...set up!

betcha I moved over 50 times during my adult lifetime! I near but give up, have nothing more than a suitcase: only this time, I have two computers and 50 games!

also betcha that I spend most of my day and most of my days....In
maintenance mode"!!
A spiritguide once said as much!
" one spends, in one day, about 95% of the time in maintaining the physical body! One actually lives in Soul, about five minutes a day!! *this* is not a bad thing, it is just the nature of living in the physical world, where maintaining the body is nearly all there is!
Too.....one's life on earth, is where one ASSAYS HOW TO LIVE, the actual life really begins after you die, here on earth, one is getting READY to live!
Not only is one collecting a whole bunch of 'tickets of admissions' [each life-experience gotten here, means a ticket to live in that area of heaven after death] here, while living, one is learning about the Stewardship of matter! Managing matter.
That is...D-i-s-i-p-l-i-n-e!"

strong words from a guide!!

I well can see that discipline! I can imagine how coffee is drunk, in heaven if coffee is ever drunk there. There, you might desire the effects of coffee. Tis now Done! Coffee-effect is completed, in .000001 seconds!
here on earth, you have to heat the water...prepare the coffee...let it cool, in the cup...drink it!

lets see....
if you are in heaven, in a group of people, and someone who is "gay" walks up to your group. You see him/her and there is a momentary "hate-flash" of him, as you, say, did not like homos, while living on earth. This "hate-flash" is only a microsecond long, and not very intense: but ah.........
This hateflash instantly Consumes you utterly, totally, and then fifty "Demons" appear, who correspond TO that hatred
and then the whole "world" changes TO the place where this type of hatred exists!! You are surrounded with people who hate "straight people"!
then....A "grand mutual carthesis occurs, as both you and them go at it, to the max-i-fight!!

solution: on earth, root out all types of "hates" and other "negative' emotions...
learn about self-discipline, as self-discipline is like "cups around the water" containing the water of kinds of feelings and that in heaven after dying, there tends to be NO cups around any feelings so that you become in a nano-second each and every feeling that you experience and the outer world will instantly reflect it!