Thursday, September 25, 2003

---I copied this image from

as I googly found that this image is a good example of a, to me, a serious spiritual problem, of late.

Whenever I talk to, say, someone on the bus, in the mall, or where-ever, I find that often that person is in
"first grade mode"!
["first grade mode".....That the physical earth is all there is and that one dies at death and there is nothing else: "negative" thoughts and feelings RULE!]

but I find it hard to stand there and tell that person about there being something "better"! Even though I have seen heaven and know Spirit, whenever someone says...."Taxes just keep going up and up: no hope for the working man"!--------I have trouble "reaching into my Quiver backpack" to pull out the Arrow of Truth-as-I-see-it!! I cannot find that arrow, the second that I need it!!
Thus I tend to end up

replying in kind! Just to agree with him, or to speak "first grader talk"!

I have no "Reference point"!! It is almost as if I need someone else, out in the physical world, that I ONCE talked to, who holds greater spiritual views, than of this "first grade reality, mentality"!
Then, I can remember , as an Image, his presence and ideas, from back then, when I talked with him.
And...But if I found one, and went to stay with him, his views would be colored by his culture, anyways!
[Sathya Sai baba.......1. He says..."Anyone who eats meat is not a disciple of mine"
2. Marriage and family NEEDS to be done [aka, the Indian way]
2. Nothing good in films or the internet]

When I talk to that person who tells me about the rising taxes and the poor working man going down,
if there is any chance, at all, for me to reply, in a "spiritual way" to him, I first must block off *every* bit of his appearance: not look at him, disconnect completely from the outside world. Then I have to think think...Maybe up to 30 minutes. Then and only then can I "come out", and reply!
by then this person is long gone, if not just bored!
basically, I have to make images of the words he spoke, then form images of my own from these images, then translate my own images back into words again, in order for me to speak to him!!

what I end up doing is just to talk his language and agree with him, re-enforcing *whatever* state that he is in!! I find too too TOO often, even *if* I were to say anything different, from what he speaks of, it would just go "over his head" anyways. He would just then go off to another person for his "emotional
----sometimes better to be "negative" just for the Bonding, one person with another!!

But it is interesting how most people are creating their worlds, even if they are "negative" and working very hard at it, and everyone around them reinforces that worldview of his, and loops it around for an even greater reality! A n angry person, draws out the anger, in everyone he meets, thus making him even the angrier. His rage inflames even the more, the neighbors, and thus his own escalates yet again! "feedback howl" ----the loudspeaker-microphone: soon the Guns come out, the headlines rant...."Jail Time" is his Due! Crafted and Created, "Lovingly", over all of his lifetime!!