Sunday, September 28, 2003

Once in a while I look back at that may 2, 1999, Dream, where my mother appeared to me!
Tis was *not* an "ordinary" dream, as , in my dream, I was standing near the front of my childhood home's yard, and I looked towards the western horizon, where I could see across the high-hill prairie, for over a mile. In my dream, though, suddenly a rainbow appeared, at this horizon, and then under this rainbow, in another arch-like doorway, appeared my mother: she was about 200 foot tall, in perspective to the horizon!!
---Was utterly apparent, to me, even in my dream, that she had Come to me from heaven! Come to tell me something.
[was about six months after I was supposed to have died and that after about ten "preparation dreams", over six months, to Prepare me to Go Home, a final dream, involving my MOTHER, told me that I am to have an Extension of time!]

So my mother came to tell me something, about six months after that other extension dream.

She merely told me a set of numbers!

" 3 .........39......99"!!
"those numbers are in the Bible",
she went on to say, then she disappeared, the dream was over.

...Took me, quite a while, now, to have a feel for what these numbers mean!
[you do not want to read all of the personal meanings as to what these mean, as they mean something *only* to me.....]

the length of my extension!
not "tomorrow" , not the day after.....
too too soon for "comfort"!!!!
*if* I interpret aright and there are no more further extensions!!

---stay tuned, sports fans!!