Monday, September 29, 2003


bloglet has, I see today, put this site on their
"featured site of the week" section!!

this bloglet site is the URL-link on my left sidebar, where one can sign up for having my weblog's near-daily postings emailed to the subscriber..

So anyone who comes here for the first time.....well I have expereinced some very *very* strange dreams over the years, where I dreamed that Guides took me to see places in heaven and i have seen and even spoke two way conversations with most of my relatives there!!

Sorta puts the ole physical world into a different perspective then from what they teach in High School 101!! So, welcome to my site, where I find interesting ways to look at life, after having these visions over the years. I still have them : why last night.....[another post tomorrow!]

Even if i am 62 years old, I have lived an interesting life!

so welcome to my journal.....sports fans.
I might "talk" about life, and the world, and politics, in a way that is *NOT* found in the media or even in the psychology Textbooks!!