Friday, September 26, 2003

again: they give the site more life.

There was a lady that I saw yesterday, this tiger reminds me of India, and thus Reincarnation and thus something about this lady that reminded me of yet another lady that I once knew from somewheres long ago!
*this* lady that I knew, years ago, seemed to "have a problem"!! She could never never lose weight: she weighed something like 250+ pounds and her knees were not too good! People kept telling her to "lose some pounds" but it did no good!

*then* I read of some reincarnation regression person, who wrote about one client that she had, who had a similar overweight problem. She lived many a life-time where STARVATION was a way of life!
s-l-o-w starvation: just enough to eat, to sorta keep one alive, but always always hungry.
Actually......*MORE* than "hungry", as there was this ravishing "sub-hunger" all that lifetime long!
Then she lived yet another life just like that one!!
[in the 40,000+ years of Human life on earth, there were probably a *LOT* of lives like of this one, for her!!]

In the present lifetime, she comes as a woman into a Time Of Plenty, a time to grow one's soul, in freedom, and also a time to be able to grow in BULK, as food is readily available, and the "times are good" economically. [are the two related: increase of weight, increase of soul-growth?!]
Thus she gains weight. *then* she tries her very first DIET!
I think, a huge mistake, for her, as now the body-cells Remember....As they are now starved, *just* like they were for dozens of lifetimes!! The whole starvation thing comes to the forefront *BECAUSE* she dieted! Now...The cells, in this lifetime, will never never forget, and they will all subconsciously urge the person to eat eat eat eat! There will now also be a free-floating anxiousness, in that lady, as just under the surface is a deep fear of starvation!

[there was another case, in the reincarnation researcher's folder! A man who was a "sex fiend", a "Don Juan"...Never could get enough, a woman or three a night!! In his past lives , for about 6 of them in a row, he was a strict celebrate monk, in a middle age monastery! His soul "teeter-totter" was very very "overbalanced" on the one end of "celebracy", thus he HAD to overcompensate, in this lifetime!]

Probably this overweight lady has but two choices!
1...To really face the issue of past lives and deal with Spirit and the ramifacations of Past Lives and come to a healing catharsis.
2....[the more practical] Just accept weighing 200 to 300 pounds, no matter WHAT the health results will be, but eat in awareness, not to just half-awakedly cram in "junk foods", but to eat high quality
foods, of tasty, natural organicness; and to enjoy really GOOD deserts. This will "feed' that inner soul that was starved so so much, during the past lives. A whole bit of stress will thus be relieved, too, as that "free floating anxiety" will diminish, from the starvation-fear, from those past lives!

and *never* diet ever ever again!