Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I think that I will remove this dream from the files, the dream that I just put up here yesterday: there are too too many unanswered questions, thus this dream is a "unfinished product"!
There are some dreams that "are just too too much", dreams that have no precedent of antecedent.
There are even dreams that might seem that the info comes from a "demon", instead of from a Good spirit or from Spirit!
the Fundamentalists have a "neat' way of deciding what dreams are real or not: the literal interpretation of the Bible and there are no wiggle-roomings permitted!
---the mindset of interpretations, of dreams and of living one's life, in this Fundamentalist manner....hmmmm, where I have I read of this sort of thinking before?!
Enough of these guys get together, and thus begin to try to convert the rest of the world: where have I read of this before?!
"guys"., as is always *ARE* "guys! The girls are "walking behind their man", being properly Submissive!!

Heaven and hell are , in my view, not so "boundary drawn with a neat line, between the two"!
there are vast vast areas of the afterlife where both are present in the same place. As within us!
Thus dreams partake of both, have both within....

In my own astral dreams, I have talked with Angels and demons alike......