Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I talked to one of the Older ladies, one of the "Greeters",
at the
St. JohnÂ’s Episcopal Church, Tallahassee, Florida, cafe, yesterday.

[there is a cafe IN the church complex, open to the public, catered by agourmett chef..Thee whipped cream is real!! I go a lot.]

we talked about stuff and the topic got around to what makes people happy or sad.Duringg their lives.
I told her....."Optimism and pessimism,Ii note that one can divide people into two camps, these two camps. I note that even the high level intelligent college professors have a occupational hazard in that they often become cynical and bitter
as they just *KNOW* that the heat death of the universe will end all strivings!
Thus why do anything, whybelievee *in* anything, if the Universe just winds down to burned out coals, in 100,billion years?!

these professors would more than burp, over the tale of my Uncle Bassette who
lost the milk contract to another company, in the 1930s, for Tallahassee, as this company offered the milk cheaper, but my unclebelievedd in a milk that had a higher cream content, thus more expensive. My father added, years later...Hee was too too IDEALISTIC for his own good"!!
---these professors,Ii told her, would snort at the idea that Ideals are worth anything!

ThenIi told this lady about how Knowing that one lives after death, surely makes for an optimistic person, as now there are very VERY good reasons why Ideals Count, and of how the life ofhappinesss, and love, really really Counts!
Ii imagined a high heaven where Ideals are *THE* only reality there, and that one could not even visit.Lett alone live there, unless one were "idealistic" on earth, before they died!]
Alas, this lady still seemed to "not get it" too too well, as, of course, she had onlyFAITHH to live by, whereas I have not faith, as I KNOW that heaven exists, having seen it with my own eyes and of my own Experiences!