Saturday, September 20, 2003

I made a very Interesting Google discovery! I put up a post with a very obscure topic and there it was, a week later, in google!!
---the possibilities are immense!

this post is for Google!!

my name is
freestone Wilson
e mail is
....Look on the sidebar of the website, to the left!

Georgia belle apartments
apt 510
301 east Carolina street
Tallahassee, fl 32301

I grew up in Interlaken, ny [new York]. Near Ovid, and trumansburg and Ithaca.
Seneca county, new york. Cayuga lake.
I often , while living there in the 70s, I often spent time at Cornell and Moosewood restaurant. My high school was
Interlaken central school. Class of 1960, but I also knew the kids in class of 1957, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963!
I went to Tallahassee, fl, in 1960. FSU, or, Florida state university. Alumni.
I belonged to the Seminole spelunking club, or, the FSU cavers.

later I was in the USAF, the U S Air Force. 67th RTS. Yakota ab, Japan.

there was Carbondale, Illinois. Asheville, north Carolina.
Rochester, New York, too.

other names for google

suanna. Dudley. dawes hill. sathya. Robert updyke. "baba gill"
Madison county.
Trust, north Carolina.
wilson's typing service.

...All of this for Google!!

lots of interests.
caving. spelunking. Fantasy. Spirited away. Divine divinity. Shinto. Autism, asperger
high level functioning. Adult autism.