Monday, September 08, 2003

I am now moved into the senior residence.
"Georgia Belle Apartments" 5th floor.
160 people live there and I, at 62, may be one of the youngest there! Most are in their 70s or 80s.
Winding down, sun is setting on their years.

most are happy, they smile at me and seem to be nice people.
"Old south"...Is the connotation of the Name, but I have seen many from new York city, there.

there is a cat in each room, on each side of me, a dog across the hall: "companions" for seniors, a new way of seeing pets, in the last few years.

I wonder about my dreams that I will have there, in the coming months?! Will I have earthbound souls? Will I pick up on the "fear of death" and the "depression of the aged"?!
People here do not seem to be depressed or angry, about their age or their life, so much as the seniors that I have met elsewhere.

I still do not know about the people over 60!! What I mean......Is that people who were born before the 1946 baby-boom times, and lived as adults during the time before 1946: they were born and lived in a collective consciousness that is way way different from the collective of Today!
Many of them, living during the Great Depression and the World War II, why they put everyone else before themselves and they believed in Authority! They gave their all to save civilization, either at home in the defense industries, or else on the battlefields. Why on the battlefield, if you thought for a moment for yourself, you would be KILLED! You obeyed authority, of course. Then after the War, everyone put Ike, grandfather general Eisenhower, as president!
---thus as these older people now age, do not ask them to Change, to bend.....[they began to do that in the 1952 Korean prison camps, under "brainwashing"!]

so here I am, 62, right on the "fence' between two generations of people! Now I live in *their* court, so to speak!

I do not think their are couples here, in the towers. Only singles, mostly from "him-her" dying first.
Lots of bible study groups. A big screen TV. [1950s westerns anyone???? Be Interesting what TYPES of movies they show, on the "movie nights"! On the FSU Seminole game, they had wheeled out a real theater popcorn maker, and made real good popcorn!! Probably they use that for the movies too, on that big screen TV!
[I gotta feeeeeling that there are a LOT of surprises here, sports fans!! Many many Interesting little things tucked away in the corners, like that 1955 popcorn maker!]

I find this straaaaaange! I am posting my thoughts, not only to my blogger weblog, but to my Livejournal journal too.
the Livejournal, in particular, seems to have mostly Readers who are perhaps 15 to 25 years old. Here, I am 62 and now live in a Senior Tower! I go to bed at 8PM and rise at 6 AM...."you all" may still be coming home from the clubs as I get up in the morning!!

so where does my "allegiance" lie....With the 1920 people, or with the 1980 people?!
with BOTH!

the 1980 people can show the "old" ways, new tricks!
the 1920 people can tell ya that "you need the CUP to contain all that water, before you can drink it: SELF DISCIPLINE!

"spontaneous living...vs Morals"!