Wednesday, September 24, 2003


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Magyss Studios is the official online gallery site of artist Maggie I. Wang. Within these pages you will find a large collection of commissioned character portraits from such games as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, GemStone III, GURPS, Rhy Din, and EverQuest, as well as general fantasy and science fiction-based illustrations, wildlife images, and traditional portraiture in graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, and digital media.


Images make a site look alive!!

same with one's imagination, also. I noted that famous "nun" observation: that the medical people followed the lives of the nuns, in a nunnery, to see who had ALZEIMERS and who did not and what kind of lives did each category live.
---the non-A people wrote letters full of rich imaginations, symbolisms, and metaphors.
---the A people were matter-of-fact. To *the* point and nothing more.

I wish I could wear clothes life this!
my Allergies and lung condition does not permit me that: why one day, when I opened up my Bergen Beach cottage, on Cayuga lake, for the early summer, I bought a "hippie" Indian bedspread, from India, just to hang on the wall.
It stunk!! The dye was so so strong that I washed it, could not hang it in my bedroom.
An Idea....Put the spread in the lake and let the six foot waves, in this 60 mile long lake, do the ole agitator action and I let it sit there for over two weeks, a rock on it, a foot under the water, right where the waves could do their things.
Took it out.
did not a bit of good, stunk as bad as before!! Then I just tossed it on a rock far far away, where I could not smell it as the smell was good for 300 feet.
forgot about it.
*NEXT* year I walked down the path and I noted a pile of rotten rags on the rock: it had sat there for a year, in the air, that spread.

or rather....

I noted it by SMELLING a stink of Benzin-ic, formalydehyd-ic, dye, in the air!

did no good, the rotten pile stunk just as new as when I bought it!!!

I felt a momentary pity on those people would buy three or four and lay one of them *on* their beds!
they , these people, must not have
multiple chemical sensitivity!

I degress a lot too!!