Monday, September 29, 2003

Hi anyone.
Someone from the Livejournal copy-weblog, asked me a question...

"I'm curious,
when were you "supposed to have died?" and why, if I may inquire?"???

---I replied to him, in the comments section, please go read it if you want to....
but here, I will ramble on, a bit, about "deathdates and Set dying times"!

A guide, in a medium's class, answered someone's question about
if a person's death date was set up in advance.
he said...[my words from memory] ..."Very often the date is set, before birth, by the soul-entity, itself, when to die, cast in concrete. But sometimes only "exit-dates" are set! This is where an "out' is given, only if so and so has or has not been done yet: thus there might be three or six dates that a person could die at, for that soul. But *some* souls choose to live until their genes run out!"


varies with each soul, but I would guess that 50 to70 percent have that date pre-set, before birth!

another guide wrote how some souls need to die at a young age, and some at an old age. Some only come to live a few months!
then he explained how like a "mass-death' occurs, like of a plane crash of 200 people dying! First, the plane is set up *to* crash!
then and only then is the passenger list made up, by spirit, long long before this plane ever is to fly its Fated flight of death!
this list is made up from people who need to die and thus they need a "reason" to destroy their bodies so that they can be released from the flesh, their souls there of! Probably takes years, to get this list together! All 200 people, who will be assembled at that flight, will have contracted, with spirit, before their birth dates, to die at "such and such age", thus this plane will be their liberator!
however...Some souls will have reasons to *continue* to live, during that set-up time of a year or so!! Thus one such person will have a warning dream, not to fly on that date, another may have her car break down on the way to the airport: missing her flight!
thus nothing happens by accident, all is pre-planned out, from the side of spirit!!

---there was more that this guide wrote of!!
he said, in 1950s, no less, when this book was published, with his writings in it...."That modern medicine was curing people who needed to die at a certain time, so that these people were living BEYOND their
appointed time to die,
so that Spirit has to
so that souls can keep their appointments, when they are supposed to!!!
[this was written in the 1950s, long before AIDS!!]
"aids conspiracy"??
Heavens YES, spirit may have actually given aids as one of these "new Diseases" so that souls who NEED to die, at certain ages, can do so, without medicine curing them!!!

"how awful" you might say?!
but the Tarot card, the "HANGED MAN" puts it well....
When one has as their center of gravity, Spirit, their world-view is turned "upside down"...Their feet are in heaven, not earth!
"earth' is seen as only a school, a "motel room", a temporary abode, on the way to the next level, of the next level, of hundreds of levels-to-come! The earth-school, IS important, though, but this place is only a temporary place for us each!

I "ramble" a bit here, as each soul has a different karma, in regard to "fate", in dying: like one person needs to overcome a disease, while for another soul, this disease is the way Home! Very very complicated, this matter of "fated death"! It will differ for each and every person, the "fate" and "karma", thereof!

I can speak for my mother, though!
she had, ten years before she died, a dream: that she would die in ten years, as the red sports car was seen to will come into her lane, at dusk, but that her husband, my father, would live till he was 72. She met her fate, ten years later, as that red sports car came into her lane at 120 MPH, but when my father was on his Intensive care deathbed, when he was one month into his 72nd year, he wanted to see me and to forgive himself for turning against me, after mom died: I came right up to see him and to see him near every day for a whole year. His face glowed with love and forgiveness, every day that I would see him, in the Home...A wonderful reunion. He died at 73 years, on Christmas day, the day of Gifts and Jesus-birth, he was Granted a Grace year of one year, so that he could make Amends with his son!
---an example of a "fate", and of a "overwritings" of a death-date, or two, from my own life's personal examples"