Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hi all...

I thank you, everyone, for your comments. [in my livejournal journal]

Years ago, I had assumed, naively, when I knew absolutely nothing about Autism, that most autistic "kids" were "feebleminded"!
that *that* was the definition!! [60 to 80 percent of children, who are autistic, have also a "mental retardation", I read!]

I knew nothing about high level functioning autistics OR adult autistics!
---and ya know, most "autism groups" are still centered around children, I find. This is not a critical statement, so much as my observation...That until people like Temple grandin, wrote her book, there was just not much out there about adults, over 16 years old, who are "autistic" *and* living lives as "near-normal" people!

"near-normal"....As in "coping"!

My own childhood sees the Symptoms that are wrote about, but I never, in my small hometown school, in 1950, never saw any counselor! Never diagnosed.

I, myself, see autism as a "room", a room with many Doors into it: there are many ways that I sense that the brain can be Wired interestingly! I, myself, am not one of these "little professors"...Someone with an IQ of, say, 140-150, and very very "asperger-verbal"! I seem to have strange kinds of "wirings" where I get overwhelmed by everything and think only in images and think these images out to people in analogies and metaphors!

I have an autism analogy:
"seed bank"!
often there are types of plants, where there gets to be only one kind of genotype that is cultivated. A "one trick horse", only one kind of trait is bred for.
the genetic diversity is thus lost.
so it is, in our culture, we all tend to be of one kind of culture-type, and the other ways of thinkings get in the way of the "functioning cultural machine"! But these "different" way of thinkings enrich our culture greatly...Especially if we let them!!

---a small personal story follows.
One day, I walked into a ice cream shop to order a cup of ice cream. I noticed the menu board, there must have been about 100
entries, all in small print. I also noted that I could not see any "one flavor". If I had chosen to read this board, I would have to study each and every flavor-phrase, in depth, trying to imagine the picture to go with this, for each flavor.

four hours!!
I would have to stand there for that long!!
I do not think in words, anyway. I eat ice cream: not words. I eat strawberry ice cream, not the words..."Strawberry ice cream"!
I then walked up to the counter where there were about 30 kinds of ice cream and I looked into the open boxes and I let the ice cream TELL ME what to order! I looked for a box that was just opened, but dipped into, where the very top was sold, that cardboard flavor of the ice cream next to the top, has been sold to someone else. I was also careful to note if there were any dregs of ice cream brought over from the last box, to be added to this one! Then I made sure that the ice cream was not "thawn-refrozen"! Then I made sure that I was not looking at the very last ice cream in this box.
Once I found such boxes with ice cream That was fresh, then I contrasted flavors. Then bought my cup.

I noted, then, that the people behind me were "word people". They, while I ate my ice cream at the table, they spend many a minute reading that menu-board: then they ordered. I also then noted that they both got some flavor that I had passed over, as there was only about two inches of melted-refrozen dregs, of this flavor, in that particular box: they bought a very old ice cream, that had sat there for a month....All cardboardy-flavored and stale and ice-crystally re-frozen!
but they did not seem to notice this: they were eating WORDS..."vanilla-nut", not the ice cream "vanilla-nut"!!

Thus, people like me, hopefully might keep our culture from becoming a "mono-culture" of just one way to live and feel!
Since I do not take the "word" for the object, I am somewhat immune to advertisements!

so have a good day!