Wednesday, September 10, 2003

---here is a comment that I made, to someone who wrote about
some relatives who died in the 9-11 Towers!

hi all....Your little post reminds me of some AMAZING [to me] talk by a Guide, via a medium, about "accidents"

in my words......
You would be amazed at what goes on behind the scenes, in the spirit world, when it comes time for a certain number of people to die! most people have a Set Time to die, and they have to be harvested sometimes....Collectively!
take a airplane that holds about 200 people. First off, the airplane is set up. By spirit, so that it crashes. *then* the passenger list is drawn up!! This list is of people who have Agreed, before their births, to die at this time....So that this here "harvesting mechanism" is then set up.
So then all the 200 passengers buy their tickets and then get ready to get on the plane. Time will have passed, weeks and months of this planning.
By then, spirit, AND the soul-that-is-concerned, may have Chosen, for whatever reason, to live longer...Maybe 5 to 15 of these passengers-to-be.
Thus perhaps one of them loses her ticket, another's car may break down on the way to the airport, and 4 others have Warning Visions that are *SO* vivid, that these people outright cancel their flight reservations!

that is what was said, more or less....
awesome. That most people have made life-agreements that include a set time [maybe] of their deaths, and sometimes there has to be "mechanisms" to enable them to die!

---another guide says...

"modern science has gotten SO good at curing and preventing disease, thus keeping souls from keeping their Appointments with "Mr Death", that Spirit has to
INVENT MORE DISEASES so that these Appointments are kept!!"
......This quote, I read, was written about 1950, or so...

oh what AIDS there are, to have us all keep our appointments with Spirit and the spiritlands, in spite of modern medicine!!