Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Did I mention that I had a Dream a couple of days ago?!
Here it is!!

Oh boy! Once again, this here freestone takes on a "first person view" of someone else's experiences, in the dream lands, the lands of ?????

I begin the dream.
I am suddenly jolting awake, and find that I am awakening from lying across a couple of seats in what appears to be an airport terminal. A vast open space, with a few people milling about. Also appears to be dark, yet, outside.
I have NO idea as to why I am here! At the moment, I just cannot seem to remember where I was last! I should have been at home, perhaps, but I have not a clue as to which airport that I am even in!
I mill about, somewhat still in a daze: no one else seems to know why they are here either! Yes, all of the few other people seem not to know either! Nor are there anyone in the stalls or booths, and no Guards in sight!
I wander over to one of the large windows, and see something Disturbing, very very disturbing!
Out on the parking lot, or at least in front of this building, I see hundreds of milling people and they look like they are Demonstrating about something: I can see a wall, a barricade, in front of this terminal, where no one is allowed in! I can well now see why!! As I see what looks to be a grey, dim, dawn beginning to come up [I have not found a single clock anywheres: a strange deal for an airport!!],
I see these demonstrators all get real angry, I can dimly hear the shoutings and the rantings, and I can now see fists up in the air, and "goosing-fingers" jabbed upwards!
they are M-A-D!!
I have not a single clue: only that I am glad to be inside where they cannot come in!

I peer again in the dim fog, over the demonstrators. I see that behind them are what looks like huge blocky buildings, with windows and doors that strangely enough seem to have the doors and windows to suggest a face! Each building to have a face, by design!
I shudder.
I then look around again, and I see, all by itself, a magazine, or something, laying on one of the chairs. I pick it up.
Oh STRANGE this one is. It seems to be a pamphlet put out like of a large 9 by 12" Bible tract!
only the title of this tract is something like...."Spiritualism's explanations as to what the halls of the Entrance to the after-death realms are"!
I read, dis-beliving, as a matter of course, what is there!

----"As an example of one of the entrance halls to the first level of heaven , from the earthspheres, here is a Hall that looks like a common waiting room, for an airport or train station. The fortunate people are those who are allowed to enter: some cannot enter. They often mill angrily around the Door to the
waiting room, angry because they cannot go in, and cannot go back to earth! The reason many of these people cannot enter, for *this* particular hall, is that these people are "coming from" the buildings in the back of the entrance open-courtyard! There are a row of buildings, behind them, that are huge, square, and ugly. Each of these places look **quite* a bit like of a 60 foot high human head, complete with eyes and mouth! They stand there like of a wall.
Each of these buildings represent an earthly collection of people who belonged to an organization, like of a business corporation or government bureaucracy, where this organization "had a life of its own", mostly "repressive" of individual efforts. Thus the people in this outfit near-worshipped this organization like of a God! "It" came first, in their lives and the workers let this organization do the thinkings for them, such that the workers nearly "WERE" the company, in Identification!
As a company cannot come to heaven, the workers who Bonded so, are 'stuck" in the courtyard!
[I can think of one right now, they let a space shuttle go down, rather than to admit....
a certain Texas company who put $$$$ over principles and Ethics! ]
Thus, the workers who worked for these companies: most of their soul *IS* the company...They are are stuck between worlds"

Suddenly "I" recall where I was when I went to sleep, last night: some hospital intensive care ward!!
I am now "DEAD"!! I am at least *inside* the Door, not stuck on some corporation's mindset!
*not* a "company man"!
As I wander over to what seems to be some now-appearing Guards or Information-people, I awake from the dream!!

I let this dream speak for itself!!