Friday, September 12, 2003

blood on the brain!

well today's entry has to do with something about my father, something that I was reminded of, yesterday.

my father died around 1987, at age 73, after about four years of multiple stokes and heart attacks. *very* high blood pressure for years, and my relatives told me that Dudley would not ever take his blood pressure medicine, when told to do so! He had so many stokes and heart attacks, that he died within two years.

While he was in the Home, for the last year, I got to know his friend that rented a room to Dudley, and this person told me the secret of why Dudley would never take his blood pressure medicine. See, I always assumed that it was the side-effects, that stopped him: I know that there were more of these, backs then.
"NO", Richard says...."It was the blood coursing though his brain! When he took the medicine, his brain wimped out"!

Yesterday, suddenly, I now knew what Richard meant, by this statement! That for Dudley, with his very very high blood pressure, this meant this: the higher pressure of the blood, meant more hemogoblin per second past by each brain neuron-cell, than would pass by if his blood pressure was "normal"!
Thus, Dudley's brain was getting more OXYGEN than a brain with normal blood pressure. And...Thus the brain would "think" at a faster and better rate of speed, than of a normal-blood-pressured brain.

no wonder Dudley was so intelligent and so much of a "Presence" character and personality!!

*this* got me to really thinking, sports fans!!

Suppose *ALL* the medical knowledge about "high blood pressure" was


Suppose that evolution set up brains that could benefit from a higer blood pressure so that the higher the pressure, the more neurons could fire, the more "intelligent" the brain?! Of Course there is a price for this, but when most people died at 30 to 40, back 1,000-plus years ago, the cost of high blood pressure did not exist.
Ah...But today, when people live longer, the wear and tear on the blood vessels, causing strokes, is a real concern.
*If* my suspicion is right, one reason why high achievers and "type-A" behavior people, and "power-executives" have high blood pressure....Is *NOT* that this way of living causes high blood pressure: it is that high blood pressure is a reason why these people are in positions of Power and Influence!! The high blood pressure comes first, and it stimulates the brain....To have these people
achieve and progress, better than people with "normal" blood pressure!!

can ya do your internet surfing better with a 40k modem or a T-1 line of 4MBs?!!

*this* leads, if true, to a very very Interesting conrundom: does a person risk becoming "Dumb" and lethargic [the body-muscles probably benefit from high blood pressure too!!], by controlling his blood pressure....Or does he/she lets the genetics take its course, and having a far far richer life, for it, even if this life is much shorter?!

*would* ya run a very high level sports car on "regular" gas, so that the very very high, fine-tuned, engine just sputters, and there is no acceleration or even speed at all?
would ya run this car on the highest octane you can find, even though the engine and mechanical parts will burn out much the faster?!

[comes down to that 'terrible" choice: a long dull life or a short very very interesting one? ]
or worse: Is a long life the thing to have, at any cost: hang the results?!

----lets not even talk of the "benefits" of this high blood pressure way of death, at an early age, for these high achievers: Dropping dead at a boardroom meeting, say?! Die in three seconds with no sufferings....versus...A long slow death, where you suffer suffer, dragging in all your relatives too, and eating up all the Estate in med care!!