Tuesday, September 09, 2003

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Hi all....

Yes, over the years, I have had some very Interesting dreams! NOT dreams, though: actual visits to heaven, and in *this* one, I was "drafted" to be of help to soul[s] who were stuck in the "half-way world", between heaven and the earth, after they died. I, who am still of the earth, but have a soul of a vibration that is of the heaven that these lost souls should go to, I would be used by Guides, who have no more earth-connections, to 'rescue" these lost souls! Thus I could interact with them, whereas the guides would have trouble reaching them, as I still have that "earth-vibration!
the spiritualist people actually have a name for this: "rescue mission"!
I have Prayed, years ago, to offer my soul for these Services: you can too! Then you might have the Morning-after memory of an out of body dream to have helped these souls, *and* have a memory of seeing some of heaven, and knowing as a first person experience that heaven exists!!

the dream......

oh that Rescue dream of three days ago!

Yet another Dream where I am enlisted into rescue of
deceased souls who seem to need help!
dream begins: I awake in dream into a area of
southern Illinois: means always that this place is a
low heavenworld right near the earth's vibrational
like of a code! South Illinois=low astral plane
where the new arrived souls from earth pass through.

I went or was sent to a "Pentecostal camp". Some
campground where there were a number of people.
must have been a hundred or more, nearly all were
younger people, in their 20s perhaps. I do not recall
all of the particulars of the hours and hours that I
spent there, but I really recall one event!!
here I stood before a young man and all but SCREAMED
into his face to try to get his attention...
---his attention was now gotten!
I told him to look upwards to the sky.
I said..."You are dead and you still think you are on
earth: but you are truly not dead: look above you and
SEE the planes of heaven where at the upper levels
Jesus LIVES and at the lower levels Jesus VISITS: you
are to go to one of these levels"! I actually said
that, in my dream!
---I could indeed see upwards into the sky and I could
see what looked like to be a open shaft, like of an
elevator shaft, going up into the sky. I could also
see that there were three or five floors to this shaft
where doors opened out onto "floors". Just like
looking up an open elevator shaft with open elevator

---must be a law of heaven: the upper celestial levels
is where Jesus and the masters live, and they have
"outposts" and "visiting halls/apartments" on the lower
levels, levels that are above where this camp was.
---this is not the first time by any means that I have
been part of some rescue effort: perhaps that is why I
live, after all my life-Missions are over with: this means
that I can aid the deceased by living here, on earth.

a theory:
a dead person in the lower realms might not
be able to see his Angels and Guides, he is yet too
earthly in vibes, especically if he lived a earthly
life or died young "before his time"!
If I were to come to his lower heaven world, where he is stranded, and stand
before him, in my astral body.... He can see me, as I am of the earth, the earth that he had just came from, being that he had just died. That is why he can see me, whereas the Guides might not be able to reach him, as they have so little of the earth-vibration in them, where I surely DO!
but I also
have the Enfranchisement of Higher Guides and angels
so that there is some of THEIR Spirit within me.
thus by seeing ME, this soul can now also see my
guides and Angels. Then he can make contact with his
own Guides.
think-----"clutch plate" in a stick shift car! One
side is with the motor and the other side is with the
rear end of the car: thus the motor can drive the car.
A cannot see B.
but if A sees AB, then he can now see B, as the AB has
B within it!
then he can now go to B.