Thursday, August 28, 2003

That was sure Something: looking at senior residences, and finding out which ones to rent in!

On the very same day, last week, TWO of them had an apartment for me!! [I had sort of "let life and fate and Spirit, direct me to have the very first one that has an opening "have me"!] but on the same day, I got notice of an opening: now I had to CHOOSE! Just about one day to make that choice.

and what a difficult Difficult choice it was too!
---"Georgia belle"...Old Tallahassee Culture-people, mostly white middle-upper class. The apartments are *very* small, really one room efficiency, and me with my two computers and 40 games! The heat and air tend to be influenced by other rooms about me.
----"Bethel towers" Funded and run by a black church. 80% black residence renters. Large large one-bedroom.
this place has far far more "soul", perhaps, than the other.

so which one, and I had one day to choose?!!

I chose.
or, rather, it was "chosen for me", if I valued my health and sanity above "soul"!!

*this* weblog entry could really be titled..."in making that purchase or renting that place, be sure *ALL* the subtleness are taken into an account: try to stress-test everything, before you commit!

I asked the manager to let me look at the Bethel tower apartment again. The tower is just off of one of the main arteries
of Tallahassee, Tennessee street. Six lanes and buzzing with cars, trucks, busses, from 6 am until 2 am. The way that the tower is set up, my bedroom is on the third floor, at the corner that is the closest to the street: actually the very closest point in the whole building! All of 50 to 60 feet from the street, and oh those west winds will carry that exhaust fumes into my room for sure, big time!! 60 feet from six lanes of bumper to bumper traffic!
None of this was apparent from just walking around the halls or even while in the apartment: when I opened the window and listened, all I could hear was that angry GROWL of traffic, endless anger-snarl-buzz, every second, every minute!!
[I wonder what the effect upon my mood would have been if I listened to that angry growl of traffic, for hours and hours per day and all night too?! *what* would it do to my Soul?!


So the soul-filled Home had a toxic trap to it! I rented an apartment in my 1997 hometown of Interlaken, New York, in such a way! It was on the second floor of a place that was ten feet from a state highway-main street! The exhaust fumes really got to me, made me realize why my sister Suanna told me how she passed up a nice hilltop house because the road was right next to it, and the fumes bothered her!
thus, "soul", while good in the abstract, in my case, I had to turn away. When one has a lung disability, like people who have "conditions", often the "choice" is made for them, where to live and what to do....If they *want* be be able to be healthy!

so next week or so, I will Move. By the 10th or 15th.
So here this here freestone will walk into the place, probably I will have to carry, at first, my roomkeys in my hands so that the "little old ladies" will not think that I am an intruder!! Most people there are in "their twilight years"!
I see walkers and canes and lined faces, of 70 to 80 year olds! Here, I feel like a "kid" at 62!
I see "culture shock", as this is the place where there is
"shuffleboard court on premises"!
I probably will not post so much, during the 5th to the 15th of September, as I move!
I suppose that I could get a phone, now, or Cable, but at $60 per month?!!!!
Gotta have $50,000 per year, to be able to enjoy the Toys, I guess....

so this here, somewhat Autistic, guy, will soon move into a senior tower. 5th floor, at that.