Saturday, August 30, 2003

---a tempest in a tea pot!

Yes, if your read the Usenet threads, the message boards, and even your local Comments in your comments box, let alone in other weblogs and livejournal will find many "tempests in the teapots"! This is where there are a whole bunch of people who are *very* VERY upset about something and they flame away at "the other side"!
-----I call this "tempest in a teapot" as out side of the coffee-cup or teapot, no one knows anything about the "war", or could care less!

two cockroaches duking it out in a coffee cup, on the third shelf, in your kitchen: very intense, within a two inch square, but Does One Care, 500 feet away, out on the street?!

*this* is something like that "Sai Baba sex thing", that I wrote back about two posts ago, here!

Oh the devotees are hopping mad!! Their precious Guru is said to be a Standard sex offender: with zillions of proofs! Most of the rest of us knows nothing about this, of course. Here, a Guru with millions of followers, in India [200,000 swarm to see him, when he visits major cities: Time magazine doth not write one word!], here a major major Guru is accused of the very "worst" of the 'sex sins"!

the articles that I condensed and linked to, are of one person's "explanation" as to how baba is "not guilty"! Is this writer True? I am not going to say "yes".....I am interested in the would have to choose yes or no, here.
there *are* a few westerners who care about baba. But how can they cope with 200 articles that say things like this:...

.>>>>>"- In January 1999 I got in touch with a Swedish boy, who had had six interviews with the swami. I noticed that the boy was shaken. He told me about the same things that had happened to me. It was about masturbation - the swami opened the boy's trousers and started to masturbate him - but no penetration. The boy withdrew but the swami insisted. Then the boy turned to a medical doctor and asked for help, but because of his age the doctor had never been exposed to the swami's improper advances, so he told the boy that he must have misunderstood the situation.

If I had to "defend" baba, I would have to say this.....and no other sites have I found, that say this, either....
I read once an obscure speech by baba, where he was ranting to a "inner circle" of devotees, sometime around 1990, or so.
"Ranting" baba was Mad!! He was mad, he says, because, as of 1990 [or 1998...or so]
most of the devotees at his huge Ashram, were caught up in worshipping his body-form! They were "stuck" on the outer form of baba, and not the Inner baba, he says.
"love, goodness, truth, have no form, and that is what I am"....baba more or less said, there.
baba then said...."this has GOT to Cease: NOW"!

here is my guess, sports fans: that he made this sex-scandal so that his form is so soso repugnant that everyone takes his picture off of the wall and burns it in Disgust!
*IF* baba claims to BE "love...goodness...truth", then his form is irrelevant: would ya buy the cup or the coffee?? Once the cup full of coffee is made, then the delivery system, this cup, is not needed anymore: it is the coffee that counts!

here most of the Ashram devotees were stuck on the "cup"!

baba makes *very* sure that the cup is seen as now being very very worthless...NOW you can toss it out!