Friday, August 15, 2003

Oh those Huge headlines!

they said, years ago, that a blackout can never occur again!

I was, this morning, a few minutes ago, in my 7 am coffee shop, and the usual guy comes in, who is one of the Administrators of the university, one of the men who are on the outer ring of the inner circle of the management, there, at FSU.
I told him....."ya know, the first blackout, in 1965, was on November 9th, a 9-11, just like the trade center: *another* "9-11, only this was "11-9"!
he replied, a bit ANGRY; "I do NOT want to hear any of this pseudo mumbo-jumbo
that smacks of occultism"!! [huge reaction, I had to walk to the bathroom and then come out and change the subject immediately! Only "length, breadth, height"---"materialworldnesstalk", for HIM, from now on!
[like for *MOST* people, nearly *all* people, all of the time...I will now do!]

Could I even begin to talk to him about how there are 28 days between this blackout and the 9-11 trade center event, where the trade center was 28 years old, when it fell?!


I gave this a bit of thought, on my way to this keyboard, and now I have a Story, that gives my feelings.
I lived, again, in my hometown of Interlaken, NY, back in the 90s. Right on main street, next to the business section, a town so so small that the post office at the end of the business section was 400 feet from a corn field! Maybe 600 people and every ten years sees ONE new house built!
I immediately discovered how the biggest industry in town was the Rumor Mill, and that everything that you do, feel, think, affects everyone around you!
One day as I walk along the sidewalk, I see a nail on the sidewalk and I lean over to pick it up. A older lady happens to be near her window, in her house, and she sees me pick up this nail, and this good act makes her day. Later that day, her daughter comes by to visit and she tells her daughter about my deed. That night I go to my Wednesday special meal at the town cafe. "beef stew" is that special. I order it and I am pleasantly surprised that instead of three pieces of meat, in the stew, I find five large hunks of meat!
Little did I know that this older woman's daughter is a cook in this cafe, and she saw me order that stew!! Of course, I cannot connect that extra helping of meat with that deed, I do not even know this young cook, let alone seeing her working in that kitchen! I might just attribute that good fortune to "happenstance"!
----everyone is linked together. Everyone is part of that Vine that is of the Christ!
tis easy to see this in a small town: in a city this works too....

look at all the connections between the deaths of Kennedy and Lincoln! I feel such events show our interconnectedness, rather than of a "conspiracy"! Thus it is the same with the "trade center"! Probably *each* and *every* "disaster", in our future, will have some synchronized relationship with "9-11"!

Thus, my point of this post, is that I see from these "numbers" about the trade center and the blackout, that I am being shown that we all are interconnected, truly!
Thus whatever I do, say, think, feel...will affect everyone around me. As I am affected, in turn, by everyone else's deeds and thoughts! And that anything that I do, in life, Will have Consequences into other people's lives!

On the box of 22-caliber bullets, when I was a kid, and bought bullets to go shoot squirrels with, there was a warning...
---a good slogan analogy for what I am writing: the range of connections and affects, go far far far beyond my horizons! What you do, affects far far beyond ....the ripples from that dropped stone, go out and out and out.

thus, any Collective events, like the "9-11" will echo and reverberate into each and every other collective event, also!