Thursday, August 21, 2003


I remember something, yesterday, from years ago. I worked at Strozier Library, as a mail clerk, for over a year. I had my 6 am smallbreakfast, at the Sweet Shop, then walked to work. The toast was always
ROMAN MEAL BREAD. Real good, this bread, especially in the dark Days of 1971! The best commercial bread of the day, perhaps, that could be bought anywhere in the country. Made by the Cornell ag department, I think. Then sold to some company. Anyway, real good bread. Had it each and every morning, with jam.
about four or five months later, I began to notice that the bread was having strangle tastes, and this taste was showing up in each order. Got worse and worse, as the months went by, I gritted my teeth, to order it....then gave up, as by now the bread tasted of "nuttin but chemicals"!!

Only *now* can I see why this bread Changed.
the bread did *NOT* change: what happened is what happens when ya enter a kitchen and you smell the rich, strong, aroma of, say, cooking onion and vegie strew. As you stay in the kitchen a while, you "get used to" the smell, and then the smell of the baking bread begins to show up as the onion smell covered it up, even though the bread smell was still there....the nose smell organs "got used to" the onions so that they were no longer detected; the undertones then began to appear. Eventually even the bread smell "got used to", so that the coffee smell shows up. After that, the garbage smell shows!
now....what was causing my Roman Meal bread to change tastes was the same reason as above, BUT THRU TIME!
that brain, as I ate, daily, the bread, my brain eventually "got used to" the taste, then the undertastes began to show up! Took months and months, but eventually that "goodness' taste was "used to", so that the brain detected the next level of "taste" below that, in intensity....then the brain would detect the taste below *that*....the "chemicals"!!

I suddenly saw how my "favorite" tune-of-the-day, turns to "how-hum" after about a month...then even to disgusts, as I hear it over and over again, on commercial radio, every day! If I listen to a good song, for a long enough time, "it turns sour", as "I get used to it"!

All of a sudden, Bigger Issues are seen.......!!

the 1966 to about 1974 timeperiod, saw wonderfully creative music and a free-er way of Possibilities. The music, alone, was a model for all the rest of the "hippie-new age" way of changes.
Ah...the free-form 'flower music' of the haight-asbury days.
then it went to even larger styles..."Acid rock"
then to heavy metal...
down to Punk Rock.
Gunge rock, is next...followed by Hip-hop
Today it is..."Gangsta"

"gangsta" in...."what the two gangs did to each other after Michael Jackson leaves that warehouse, in "Beat It"!
Pure anger, *AS* the tone and rhythm.....the "whitety version" is the "new music" where if you tune across the dial, across the New Music station, all you will hear is a cry of
*anytime* that you cross that dial-spot!!
anguished anger.

how did the Octave Go Down?

to me, Simple. Roman meal bread!! The same process is at work, with our music and our culture!!
*this* is why "all good things go Down and Go bad"!

we all start at the "high Ideals" levels, of "goodness, love, Wisdom, creative-adventures", and then we all "get used to it"!
then the octave falls down down down.....down to the very BOTTOM of the collective unconsciousness!
Only the very very ROOT of being, like those bread-chemicals, now is noticed and is liked!
ya hear it in the music and you see it on Fox network as the Troops Enter....
ya get "9-11" and you get terrorism!
soon, it will be..."one man with one gun, against the whole world"!!

what we all may need, soon, *desperlately* "the Next new Thing", to start the creative, "high ideal", process anew: a new BRAND OF CULTURAL BREAD!! If we do not get it soon, "Somalia" may be our collective future!!
Complete meltdown: everyone against everyone, only Primal Urges are "real"...the very Bottom of "hell" is the "only taste in town" that will exist, for us, as hell itself emerges into the light of day-consciousness!!