Friday, August 29, 2003

Last night there was a dimly recalled dream. Probably, almost certainly, partly in Spirit. There, in my dream, was a meeting with me and other people, in a house and the leader of this group somehow had a conversation with me.
This person was a "RAP Master" of some sort. As if, he were also "out of body", and on earth, he was a leading performer of Hip-Hop and Rap music.

Some of his slang, I never ever have heard before!

What strikes me as amazing, sports fans, is that I am a white 62 year old man! Next week I am signing up to move to a senior Residence!! "shuffleboard court on premises"!!
Yes, while this dream is SO dimly remembered that I cannot intelligently comment upon it, except that I was with a group of Rappers, meeting very positively with them, gives to me a certain kind of


----knowings that here on earth, in my remaining years, I cannot ever be "predijuced" about anyone or of any group, or of any belief system! I will meet them in heaven, some day! I must always keep a very open mind, to try to see the goodness of anyone or of any group, as I will have heavenly
to these people, after I die!
---I already have sat with "white robed Muslims", in out of body experiences, and at least one or two of the experiences, the local was either in Afghan or Iraq!
------leading Intellectuals?

------Taliban leaders?!!
[why oh why would I have long talks with Taliban/Alqeada people??!!!!!]
I might have some *very* big surprises, after I die, as to who and whom my spirit buddies are?!!
and, I gotta be ready for *that*, now, while I am alive!