Monday, August 18, 2003

I get a newsletter in my mail, that is *very* interesting!!

It is the newsletter from the GEAE people...
Advanced Study Group of Spiritism
Founded on October 15th 1992
The Spiritist Messenger - Monthly Electronic Report of the GEAE Group
GEAE 8th year - Number 41 - distributed: August 2003

"The Spiritist Messenger" is a monthly newsletter that exists as a living laboratory where GEAE's members participate in publishing essays, texts, articles, commentaries and inquiries about Spiritism and its consequences in our everyday life. It also brings news, general information and assists various Spiritist organizations from around the globe in promoting their activities, seminaries and workshops. "

Brazilian, i think....."GEAE means, in english...."the group for advanced studies in Spiritism", i belive.

There is a famous Spiritists writer, Francisco C. Xavier , has written many many channeled books, over thew years, in brazil: unknown in the west, otherwise!



By Andre Luiz, through Francisco C. Xavier
(Translated from the 25th Portuguese edition entitled "Nosso Lar". First Portuguese edition published in 1944 by Federação Espírita Brasileira, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.)
----from this newsletter, i have included, in this journal, two, to me, Incredible writings, descriptions of earthbound spirits, who "died", but could not accept either death, or the afterlife!!

[severly snipped: see the "spiritist messenger' link, on the page of and then click on the "The Spiritist Messenger 041 " link at the top of that page, for the full excerpt!]

Chapter 29 -

"The poor boy entered the spirit sphere after an accident due only to his own carelessness. He was excessively attached to his physical body, and for days he wouldn't leave his grave, refusing to conform to his new state. So deep were his delusions that he spent a long time desperately trying to raise his stiff body. He was terrified at the idea of facing the unknown, and utterly unable to muster even the slightest detachment from his physical sensations. Aid from higher spheres was of no avail he had closed his mental zone against all thoughts of eternal life. At last, the worms made him experience such atrocious pain that the unfortunate creature ran away from his tomb horrified, only to begin a dismal wandering in the darker regions of the Lower Zone. However, those who had been his parents on Earth enjoy considerable credit over here, and through their intercession he was rescued by the Samaritans who brought him, almost by force, to our Colony. His condition is so serious that he won't be able to leave the Chambers of Rectification for a long while. The friend who had been his physical father is now engaged in a difficult mission far from the Astral City."

"Does he come to see the patient?"

"Yes, he has already come twice, and each time I was deeply moved by his silent grief. The boy's mental disorder is so great that he didn't even recognized his generous and devoted father. He kept crying pitifully, under painful delusions. His father, who had come to visit him accompanied by Minister Padua of Communication, showed emotional fortitude while in the presence of the Minister to whom he owed his unfortunate son's hospitalization. They spent some time commenting on the spiritual condition of the newcomer. But when Minister Padua was called away unexpectedly, apologizing to me for his human gesture, he knelt by his son's bed, taking the boy's hands into his own, holding them tightly as if to transmit some invigorating vital fluids, kissed the boy's forehead, and wept. I couldn't keep back my tears, so I felt the room. I don't know what happened, but I noticed that from that day, Francis has been steadily improving. His condition of total insanity has been reduced to occasional crises, which are gradually diminishing."

"How touching this is." I exclaimed, deeply impressed, "But how can his corpse pursue him?"

"Francis' visions," she explained, "are nothing but hallucinations. Many spirits suffer from them after physical death. Those who are excessively attached to their material body, who make it the center of their existence, living only through it and for it, cannot abandon their corpses when called to the real life. They do not accept the idea of spirituality, and struggle desperately to retain their physical bodies. In time, however, voracious worms drive them away. Then, horrified, they fall to the opposite extreme. The sight of their own corpse, a strong creation of their own minds, torments them to the innermost recesses of their souls. They live in crisis for more or less lengthy periods of time and many suffer acutely until the ghost-corpse they have created totally disintegrates."

Noting how deeply affected I was, .........snip.