Friday, August 22, 2003

the weblog
"Where is Raed ? "
---the weblog from Bagdad, writing about the war and the aftermath....
I found his e-mail address, on his site and I wrote to Raed, a letter: maybe it will get there, maybe it will be read by him.
But I will post my letter here, as it deals with my feelings about the mess, there.
I apologize for my "Autism, I have a bit of asperger syndrome, I think only in pictures, so that I have trouble writing about "politics" as there are NO pictures in "politics"!
here is the letter....

"the West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."
----------[quote from the header, on his site.]

Samuel P. Huntington

Where is Raed ? ....the weblog of yours....

Hello "Mr Raed"!

I am a resident and citizen of the united states, living in the state of Florida, the capital city of Tallahassee. I am 62 years old.

I have a weblog also.
"my life after near death experiences"
[*some* of what I will write here, will also be posted there, as some of what I write, is "not personal to you"!]

I have read a bit of your Journal, and I am dismayed. dismayed about the whole war thing! All of it, from Saddam's removal of the Marsh people, removing the marsh itself, in the process, to the whole American invasion-thing!

I see no solution except yet more killing, more deaths.

Here is my "view from 5,000 miles away"!

The U S, like in Viet nam, has two options, I feel. invade TOTALLY, do a real big thing about it, becoming repressive in just the same way as the oppressor. 100 times the number of troops and 100 times the amount of "tortures of civilians"! Enforce strict codes of law, wipe out every bit of resistance.

two...Leave. Leave with a completeness and let everything free-fall into whatever will occur, just like in back in 1000 A D, when there were no red cross or UN! Let the 400 tribal groups go at it, "population control: thin the herd"!! Let anarchy rule, let the place be like Somalia!
In other words the US and the west would just let all of the interest groups of your part of the world fight it out amongst themselves.
[I read that many, in the CIA, during the first invasion, in 1992, really did not want to kill Saddam
as if he were killed, the vacuum would exist and then dozens of tribals groups would fight it out, in that vacuum! The US was just hurting, with Somalia, about then, and there were fears that Iraq would become ANOTHER "Somalia"!!]
well: that *is* option two...let Iraq become a Somalia!

[a poem written by a Somalian..."I and my clan against the country.
I and my family against my clan.
I and my brother against my family.
I hate my brother!!]

either *that* *or* a complete annexation of Iraq *AS* a western country.....which Will Not Work!

thus, I see no solution and the problem as I see it is far far far deeper than this! There are two civilizations, here, and they are a bit like..."two male dogs, or two Roosters, in a small room: only room for one"!!
In these days of
there can be only one civilization, I fear!!

think..."The Muslim invasion of Europe, in the dark ages...The Crusade mentality and the Armageddon mentality!
[i.e...if the Muslim world had all those 10,000 nuclear
missiles that 1968 Russia had....All of us, will have now been TOAST, burnt to a nuclear crisp, in a world wide war of total mutual destruction!!

yes, the west Invades...Even without the "Reasons of weapons of mass destructions"!
that is your, your people's Telling, and the
Samuel P. Huntington's quote, from the beginning of the letter, "our" tendency to Violence.

and, yes..."we" see that there are members of your people that will not rest until the whole world bows to Allah! *MUST* bow to Allah!
written in the very DNA, so to speak, that this must be so, in the heart of all the believers.

I am NOT very articulate, Mr Raed, as I suffer a bit from Autism and I type only 5 words per minute: I am NOT a "political person"....Thus I have trouble, here...

but what I see is a picture of two charging camels, both charging towards a huge rock, that neither sees...And the camels are "out of control". They both will collide with each other and the rock, at the same time.
Blood may flow like a river, from many countries and
in two or five years, the whole world may see the sun set on what they call "civilization!!

I see, that there are greater forces at work than what President Bush ever thinks: he too is a "puppet" with the strings of influences, controlling him.

there are corporations that are larger than most world governments. Thus "globalization" and "one-world economy", WILL RULE!
[there cannot BE two civilizations in a "one world economy"!!]
Will be the Plan, then, that Directors in boardrooms, say, in Swizterland, put forth! thus "oil" and "materialism" influences Presidents to Act.

but there is a even greater Illusion that drives even these Corporations to act upon governments!

which is...

That the Tombstone, is a dead end and not a door!!

As long as people think that there is no afterlife, no heaven, thus no God's Love for humanity, and no God's Laws, for us to live by...
MONEY and Power
count for all. Is all there is and whoever has the most WINS!!!!

would Saddam or Bush act the way they do if they knew that there is a heaven?! That they will live there someday and for a very very *VERY* long time! They will have a huge surprise, when they "die" and then find that they are not dead!

I have, myself, been Given the Grace of being taken by AngelGuides, to have seen some of the heavenplaces.
I have spoken to some of my relatives, there...two way conversations!
[some of these experiences I have written up at]

As long as there are no livings with God, in one's life, and as long as there is no Knowing that there is an afterlife, after death, the Material world will be seen as an end, as the all-important thing.
---and more, are seen as being all important, when the physical world is seen as the only real thing.
very few leaders, from your country or from mine, seem to even be aware of this....Even in your country, the MYSTICS called "Sufis" were persecuted without mercy, for most of the East's history!! Many of these Mystics wrote extensively about the soul and of the afterlife: their beliefs were not according to Doctrine...thus "persecutions" soon followed!

no soul.
most of the west's people do not believe in the existence of one's soul that will live eternal.
I more than "believe"...I "KNOW"...That the afterlife exists and that all of these leaders, soldiers, involved, will be there. Some of "heaven", though, is NOT a "nice place"!! I have seen some of that too...
Thus if there is a soul, in each of us, there has to be God's laws, and God's Love, and Goodness must be our ways...If there is an afterlife that depends upon how life is lived here on earth.

our life here attracts
a certain afterdeath heavenland that corresponds to that life that we lived here on earth.

some of my thoughts on the mess in Iraq!!