Thursday, August 14, 2003

Here I was, about ten minutes ago, trying to copy a paper on the Library copyier, a study in frustration. no matter how carefully i study how to use it, i always place the paper in the wrong way.
If i read 20 minutes or if i just jump in and just do it, it makes not a bit of difference! each copy machine is different and they change them all the time.

the guy next to me told me of how his father cannot use the computer commands on his car, i told him in return that i read of a New York Times car reviewer who found that on his test car, that all the commands for everything were on one input system: took

32 descrete commands

to get a radio station to play!! make just one mistake and it all over!
Too, he found, that one must bend down and pay utter utter attention to this and not even look at the road! Gotta pull over in the parking lot, i guess, and spend an hour to get your radio to play *A* station!

So what i do with all copy machines is to just place the paper in rthe machine and when it comes out "bad", the copy, then i have feedback and i do it again...sometimes two or three times.

I feel for the people with those "remotes' for their tv, and stuff! whatever happened to dials and buttons?!