Friday, July 25, 2003

"The top 40 pop-tunes, reflect the state of the currant collective unconsciousness, of the human race"

Yesterday I listened to my radio, the usual sitting by it and tuning across the dial forvarious rock music. usual, I was dismayed over what the modern music has become!

I grew up with 1950s rock and roll, then I really cut my teeth real good, when I wore my 1970s
"hippie hat", and enjoyed the wonderful acid music of the 70s.
"creative...expansive...saying yes yes yes, to life"

I have a therory, gotten in part from some unknown writer, that the hit songs on the radio reflect what is going on, unconsciously, in the collective peoples, in the west.
example: that hit song, in the early summer of 1976, the "wreck of the Fixsimmions"
[..."the gales of October come early"....on the great lakes ore boat circuit.]
That august the upstate new York temperature reached 35 degrees twice that month. By October, winter late December, there was snow flakes seen near Miami! The coldest, bitterest, winter in many MANY years! Thus, this song "knew" this, a Prediction! A Message from the collective unconsciousness!

So, at my radio, I noted, for the unteenth time, the anger...the rage....the bitterness of "one gang member against all other gang members" sort of feeling, in the Hip-Hop, rap songs.
Also, each and every time I crossed the dial of the Modern Rock station, all I could hear was the same
word, each and every time!
"auuuuuuggggh"!! A cry of anguish rage!!

what message is there from the collective uncon.?!!

I think that the collective uncoun. is picking up all the frustrations of modern livings. Each and every anger at, say, missing the bus...having tech support cut you off...thirty minutes waiting in line....etc..etc...
adds to the collective heap of anguish!
there will be no end to this, I feel, the songs will just keep getting more angry!

Here is what I feel may happen next! As the collective rage burns deep and ever-the-more powerful, it will, as the symbol of the collective uncon. is something deep deep within the earth, the constant burning of rage will soon STIMULATE the underground volcanic magma to get hotter!
result: more volcanic eruptions...more earthquakes! If our collective unconsciousness is in so much Pain, so much rage, anything in the "deep underground", physically, will be affected, synchronized!

What I am saying, is that the very physical earth may well be affected by all the "psychic field" of this collective rage!
"Even if you shout at a brick for days, it cannot hear you: will not respond....but if you shout ENOUGH, well......this brick will surely be affected!"

Within three or four years, our collective unconsciousness will have begun to "bleed back" into our lives...just like someone's personal rage and "type A behavior", if done long enough, will affect this person's physical body, and create those heart attacks and ruined blood vessels.
The very earth will become "enraged" and "in aunguish"!

what we should ALL do, is probably what a type A behavior person should do, to stop that negative damage to his body! All of us. now!