Thursday, July 17, 2003

There was an Interesting article in the Tallahassee Democrat, about the brave and amazing removal of a dead caver, from "Climax Cave"! 8 miles long, this cave....

without going into all the details of the mission and the caver who died, I was really STRUCK, sports fans, about what one of the members of the local Tallahassee caving club said, in this article. He told the Democrat that he 'is still a member of the club, after years of being a member, having gone on numerous trips over the years, but now he does no more trips to caves as he is now 48 years old and he is getting too too old and creaky for such endeavors"

I am 62, now, turned 62 last month, and I am in the process of find senior housing, in one of the senior towers, where there is government funded housing for seniors.
One brochure says..."shuffleboard court behind the building, in the little park".
Another brochure, for yet another tower, says..."24 hour alarm system to front desk, if you are sick or in need of care"!

62 years old: me!
[landlord sells to developers: I must move, but cannot rent, on my disability pension!]

yes 62, and I look at this article where the guy is only 48 and cannot cave explore no more!
I have been to Climax Cave many many times! I have belonged to the caving club way way way back, in 1962. I have seen it die and get reborn at least four times!
Called..."the Seminole Spelunking Club", back in 1962. I was one of the "ledgendary cavers", of those days!

[I "need" to get with someone in the Flint Grotto: surely I know of a few caves that they do not know of, having been a member for umpteen years! Been friends with Frank Hutkinson[sp] for years and years.....I need to sit down with someone, say in the Barnes and nobles coffee shop with topo maps of Marriana, so that I can find the caves of the 1962 club, that the Flint grotto does NOT know about.
"Freestone Cave": do they know of *that* one?!!]

I could go caving NOW!
if I had the clothes and the helmet and the big deal there!
but I would have to move slowly slowly!!

So that's the point: I am getting old too! Going down the conveyor belt of time, getting ever ever the older! So "old' that I will probably soon live in "senior housing"!
But I do not feel or think "old"!
maybe that is the point: many many "old" people think they are old! Then live that way.
[I met someone, in the vet clinic, last week, who looked 50...but he was over 80!!
HE could go caving, no doubt!

so how do I live in a place with 50 to 80 people who are much older?!

So this caving article got me to begin this here weblog. I dedicate this weblog to cavers who do not want to put up their helmet onto the mantle just yet...but the Years are growing upon them, so that they soon, very soon, must only think and feel about "caving", and about life, not "do life"!

--but I *like* rock and roll and the hippie days!

"old" is a state of body.
"young" is a state of mind, heart, and soul!!