Thursday, July 03, 2003

the Plot thickens.....

really thickens!!!

I used to follow more than i do now, Sathya Sai baba. "follow" that i would read his books and then dream about him. eventually it became clear that i was associated with the souls that were "with" him in other if, say, i was a 800 AD Krisna devotee.
thus there is a connection.

baba once stated, on his 1974 birthday address, or soon after, "that he will live another 47 years until 2021, and die a few months later, in 2022"

so i then took *MY* 1947 birthday and then counted from there. counting out 46 or 47 years...
[may 13th 2002..."in one year you will begin your spirit path", the dream Master told me: may13th is 46 days from my birthday!]
counting not the literal years, but TWO life-paths.
1...from 1974 until "now"...where i lived in tallahassee.
2...from 1974 until i was supposed to die, the end of september of 1998, when i left my childhood home, being 57 years old. [spent 57 years going to my childhood home.]
*IF* i was suppossed to die, in 1998, i would have left tallahassee the year before and *that* would have been the end of my life here. 22 years and 9 months.
from 1974 until sept 24 years.
22 + 24 and 9 months = very end of 46 years! one week short of 47 years!!!

I am suspicious, even the more, sports fans, that this India master saw the end time date for my life: 1998!! thus even when i am four years into the grace period, that end of life date would STILL be in there, in the life-records!
so if i left tallahassee on may 14th of 1997, there would have been one year yet to live before sept of 1998!!!!

I wonder...???
might be true: the master sees a date then thinks out what a year ahead will be, and then tells me..."one year to live"! there might not be, from his vantagepoint, an easy way for him to check my earthly life against AN EARTHLY CLOCK!!
thus all he can see is "late 1998". he cannot even tell that i have gone beyond that end.

IF so...i might have 3 days....
30 days...
30 years

left to live here on earth!!

his one year messege *could* just using that 1996-7-8 period *as* a symbol for "now": the end IS "on" and running!!

stay tuned....