Tuesday, July 08, 2003

part of a letter to a friend and relative, in my hometown, in New York state....written just now.

hi J...

well, a good morning to you.

I have now applied to two "towers", where the special government housing program is applied for. This is for people over age 62, it is a sort of "subsidized housing" but it is of a different program then for the regular sub. housing...no "projects"!

"shuffleboard court on premises"...the readme says...

tis a small step ahead of
"assisted living"!!!
all of the people, in theses 20 story towers


rents, if "low", here in Tallahassee are about $500 a month with very VERY high utilities due to taxes and city services. $110 a month even in the off season!
the towers might have me pay only $200/230 a month *with* all or most of the utilities paid for!!

I have lived in this trailer, now, for about 5 years. the waiting list for the towers is about six months long...maybe longer; but if Landlord's buyer of the land has it come out like the plans are for now, I have until the middle of Jan or Feb, to move!

in a sense, even IF I live, according to that prophecy...."one year to live", in a real symbolic
sense I WILL die, symbolicly, as if I live in the towers it will probably be like on the 15th floor, far far far off of the ground, "removed", symbolicly, from all the earth and the actions of living!
Even if my aunt were to be spirit-led to find a cabin in the woods, near interlaken, it would be near the same in symbolism!
I have, by xmas of this year, known my Friend and landlord for 33 years!
*that* is the same amount of time that I had spent in Tallahassee from when I got here in 1960, to FSU, to when I went in the hospital in 1993!!
ominous! Ominous of being "symbolic"!

I suspect that when I move to the 12th or 8th or the 18th floor, surrounded by seniors, I will get to know many people 65 to 70 years of age. That will be my world. There are movies and activities and luncheons and all of that. I will probably stop wearing blue jeans and be sure my hair is cut close. Join ARRP and
all of that.

======================= end of part of the letter.

interesting way to look at this move, is it not?! that in moving to a floor higher than about the 3rd floor,
will symbolize my dying as the move could symbolize "leaving the earth plane"! "leaving the world of action"! One of the towers might even have 20 floors.
I might "embrace" living like the 1950s. ...as most of all the people living there will be of that generation. No more blue jeans.....short hair and ARRP attitudes and small talk to others about doctors and health.

but a symphonic piece of music has all of its parts and all should be listened to!!

you will be OLD, some day too.......