Thursday, July 10, 2003

Oh what stuff dreams are made of!

At this house, the only thing worth reporting is this.....
Yes some astral spiritworld house, probably: in it there was a lady who sat with me and gave a long talk to me about my physical body condition.

Her report to me, would be like of a doctor giving her report about the physical exam
last week, her report to me about her Findings from the various tests and lab tests!

there was no physical exam, of course: she must have directly Seen, or else obtained the information from the Life-Records.

She assuaged my physical body and its weaknesses and future medical problem that I would have to watch out for if I wanted to remain healthy, in the years ahead.
---major weakness: lungs and throat.
---minor weaknesses to a slight, a very slight, tendency to diabetes and the
higher colesteroil/high blood pressure.

Here a spirit guide-like person gives to me a Assessment of my health, with a sort of inference to my future: what to watch and look out for, in the years ahead, and to perhaps mitigate problems by proper diet and livings, as the tendencies are mild, and mostly "tendencies"!
[350lb stressed out sister had diabetes...father had high blood pressure and emphysema]

Amazing. Maybe *YOU*, reader, sports fan, can have such a physical exam from spirit: perhaps if you pray to spirit, it might be possible.

---and, I wonder how this relates to my "one year to live"?!!
[may 13th 2003, the Master tells me..."one year"!!]
Perhaps I do indeed have Grace, as I now suspect: why oh why would a spirit guide give such dreams to a person who is to live one more month, or so?!!
maybe *THAT* is why I had such a Counsel!!! A sneaky way to Let Me Know that
the dream was "symbolic" only...or referring to other things, like of this master reading the date for "one year before I was supposed to have died, in 1998"!!

---maybe I will be here for awhile sports fans...stayed tuned!!