Wednesday, July 09, 2003

A new twist: I am going to apply to a senior residence in a small town next to my hometown, in upstate new York!
if I do that, I really will be "in the boondocks" far far away from malls and movies and
all of that. A town of 1500, in a farming region of new York state, within six miles of my hometown!

my friend told me, yesterday the NEWS...the "official" news of what I can expect
about my move. He told me that the closing is such that I have to leave *at* the closing and that the closing, while it must be no later than January 10th of 2004, it can be as early as December 1st!

I have 5 months to move, not 9 months!

the two towers may indeed have a year waiting list, here in Tallahassee, as this city has grown so large over the years that the shear number of applicants to the Program have increased, also with more older people being "poor" these days.!
Thus the chance of moving to these two places now seem dimmer!

yes, I remembered the Ovid, NY, place. I think it is called "varona village". A similar
place for older people under the government programs, similar to the towers. Either the waiting list is longer as the apartments are fewer in number...or the waiting list is shorter due to all the seniors moving to places in the south!

ah I have my two computers and five years of living in one place...
do I pack them up to move to Ovid??
do I ship them off to friends or relatives and just move to some far far off place?!
do something really radical.....???

Yes, I can well now see WHY I would have a dream of dying in one year, even *IF* this dream-prophecy is "only" symbolic!! This here "change' will be a major one, and it could spell the end of any "online" activity! Or maybe not, maybe if I move to "Ovid", I can have a phone and a 40k connection. Or maybe not.

lives, like baking chocolate or candy bars...often have "score lines"!
places where symbolic deaths occur, major changes made. *this8 will be one of them!!
why I see myself now...moving to the towers and living near people where all the people are of a "1950s mindset", and joining them!

be interesting if I am still alive, by January 15th, of next year; what will I be doing and where will I be living?!!
---be *like* I have died, at any rate: thus perhaps that dream.......