Tuesday, July 29, 2003

----more ruminations on being a "sensitive"!

there *are* sensitives out there, but there is precious little training, out there, for these people to develop their sensitivity so that it could be a asset, not a near-liability!

when the whole world is like a "soccer game" and the "coach's way" is the only way....where is there a place to turn to?!
In the 1880s, there was a term, when Spiritualism, was a large Path, and many followed it, a term called..."sitting for development". this was where a person with "psychic" talants , went to a kind of "school" so that these talants would be trained and the channel to spirit would be opened. there are many many "undeveloped" mediums and psychics that benefited from this training as these people, before this training, would just be prey to all spirit influence, mostly "bad"! this 'school" was usualy just between one trainer and the pupil, with several spirit guides in attendance so that many of the teachers were discarnates! usualy this classroom was in a quiet place, in a Camp, or a medium's home.

shamans would go through this training too: first the shaman-to-be, is called by spirit to be a shaman...then he or she would have a teacher or Guru to help this pupil flower to the Potential of his calling. he would have to learn the sign language of symbols and the ways of astral travel and how to interpet what he sees, in the spirit world.
usually shamans were living off from the village, after their trainings. no one really loved them: theirs was a alone path, they were feared, more than loved, and no one, in the tribe, would hurt the shaman, for obvious reasons: he knew Magik!!

so, in this little letter, i warn as well as counsel, as most of one's friends would drop away, if one "opened" and developed one's psychic nature. often a psychic is "forced" by spirit and her guides TO develop, as it is a life-calling! 'forced' as often the pupil fights the call!!

yes, i have read as much, from guides..."most people should just be bank tellers and housewives and develop the stewardship of matter, being a pupil in the material world...never to even think about, let alone touch the psychic area!!"

yes, to know the evil that lurks within each and every soul, if one develops "telephathy"!
...then ya gotta live with this knowledge!

i.e.-----all your friends introduce you to a "wonderfull man". you feel that his soul is corrupt, and you stay away and when all your friends ask you why you do not develop a relationship with him, you tell them why. they all become very DEEPLY offended, as they all but worship the very ground that he walks upon! you lose your friends, over that!!
then a year later, you read that the police drag him away, from some utterly terrible abuse of a lady, and throw him in jail and "toss the key away"! as you confrount these ex-friends over *that*, they all go into abject DENIAL!
You then learn that these people *still* worship the ground that he walks upon!!!
but you know the truth, now...upon your walk along the "stony alonesome road"!

most people, in the West, are NOT ready to live like this!
Carl Jung, once wrote...."the path of Individualzation, is not for the massess."
another man wrote...."to enter the collective uncounscious...is not something that western people are prepared for! Most people should just continue to live their lives, asleep to this, and do their jobs"!!

remember: the emergant forest tree, that is taller than all the other trees, will get the Birds to roost on it! take the hit.
Japan:the saying is..."the nail that sticks out, from all the rest of the nails, is the first to get the Hammer"!

we are not talking about "social conformity" here, sports fans, however!!! this is about "being psychic"! being a "sensitive", in the many ways of the gifts of this...whether being a "psychic, a channeler, a mage, a shaman....
do you have the guts?!

I, myself, would feel very very uncomfortable in large cities. i find that any public library is "too busy" to read in! no, i do not mean..."too many people"! i mean that the actual thought forms of all the thinkings of all the people, are so thick, in the sub-astral space, that my own thoughts cannot crowd into the small spaces between all the other thoughts! "thoughts are THINGS"---is an ancient spirit teaching!
when i live out in the country for a week or so, i get to where even small towns bother me! on a country walk, there would be some houses, i find, that i just cannot meditate or pray near, as the people who live in them have such awfull vibes and the vibes radiate about 500 feet away, out onto the road!

end of leeter for today. timeis up.