Saturday, July 12, 2003

I wrote to a church worker friend, in my upstate new York hometown, to ask about the "Verona village". I asked her what the waiting list time is....

yes, by December or January, or so...I will be either living in the one-of-three
Tallahassee senior housing places, OR in a similar place next to my hometown in upstate new York! A town of maybe 1100 people!

Today, I realized that my days in Tallahassee, my favorite city, could be numbered!
all it would take for me to have to leave is...."waiting time, here is one year", and the Verona village tells me..."waiting time is three months!'!!

so today I have begun to reflect a bit upon my Tallahassee years here, since 1960.

what am I going to do with my two weblogs....
"my life after near death experiences"
"one year to live"???

I had a thought today: that *when* I move, I might just cease them! Remove the
ringcodes from
then make a NEW weblog, start over!
call it something like:

...."Living in the Senior Residence"
...."Senior housing in a town of 1100 people"
....."Tales from the front: growing old"

there I will not write about my dreams or ruminations about a "one year to live":
I will write about the strange things that I see and experience, from day to day.
There will be NO mention of anything of "psychic or spirit"!!
no need to: the inferences from what I write will have Lessons in them, for those who look for Lessons!
I can take just one encounter with one person, in a day, or from memory and talk about this ten minute encounter for hours and hours, write paragraphs and paragraphs too!

whether living in a "tower" of 150 apts or living in Verona village, I might not have the time or the internet access to maintain much my journal, after the first of the year.

tell me what you think of this, sports fans...please!
this is what the comment box is for!!