Friday, July 11, 2003

I just spent a few minutes reading some of the journals and weblogs, in the lists of "just published", in
and on some of the links, on my sidebar. Again, I am amazed at all the creative expressions that I see and read!
---reminds me.

One gloomy Ithaca day, back in the late late 70s, when I lived there, I walked up that huge hill to one of the main Libraries, at Cornell, perhaps Uris, or the undergrad library across the street. I sat in the main reading room, and noticed that next to one of the long long reading tables there was a huge shelf devoted to past issues of the college newspapers..."The Cornell Sun". They went, I noticed, way way back: weekly copies back to about at least 1940.
I had a small inspiration! A quick Core Sample of the evolution of consciousness, I could do, right there and then! I pulled out three newspapers at random, from three sections of shelf, then I laid them each open, to about the same page, in each.....side by side on that long long table.
1979 [maybe later]

*that*, sports fans, was one eye-opener!!
I stood back from the table and I could *SEE* the evolution of awareness, through the years, just by looking at the graphics in the papers!
1955---somber *somber* grey conservative "ivy-league" suits. The ads were literal and factual: as if "imagination" was done elsewheres! As if all the cars were painted black and "length breath height" were all, and no sideviews permitted! frat houses rule.
1972---ACID! LSD! The graphics of the ads were all of psychedelics and now there were colors in the writings and it was as if the sun finally came out!
1979---more formalized and code-fied, but the "lsd" influence lives. I now could read about the "consciousness raising" of the new age and the ads for Moosewood restaurant!

right on that table. 30 years of change seen......