Thursday, July 31, 2003
about 570,000 users.
mosteveryone here knows about this site, i have a journal there too....

--but there is a feature that i never knew about that today blows me away!!
their search engine.
they have a option to search by user towns or cities of residence!!

I immediately, in my few minutes left on the computer, i thought of looking up my puny upstate new york hometown of Interlaken ny.


my city i live in....tallahassee...has over 1000 hits.

*think* of the possibilities sports fans!
--look up your tiny hometown
---or any other place you or your friends live!

over lunch, i thought...why stop there!!
"bagdad"[sp], Iraq!
--open an atlas and look up some small town in zealand....
--how about Ome, japan....??