Thursday, July 31, 2003

hi all...yes I can sit here at Strozier Library and ruminate some more....
I feel all around me, the aura of the place that i am in. As if it is ME that feels the feel, as if the currants of emotion that swirl about me, are my own, but are not. I sometimes slightly bereate myself for being "neortic" if i sense, say, a store and do not feel good about even going into it as i "feel' something not-nice about it, even from the street. usually i am right, when i do enter, right about what I had felt from the street!!

there is a true story, about a lady....She grew up on a farm way way out there in the boonies, in the 1920s. One of about 6 kids. All her brothers and sisters always kidded her about the "colors" that she could see! One day she pointed out to them, a rainbow, and how pretty the 6 or 7 colors were.
"what colors"? they jabbed back! "we only see THREE colors"!
--off to mama and papa!
" many colors in the rainbow"?
both replied..."three of course; anyone knows that"!
*very* rural. no other people for miles and miles and miles.
--took her years and years and years to accept herself, from the "damage' done to her!

moral: anyone who is "psychic", "sensitive", deals with the spiritworld...etc...etc, is in this same boat as this girl, in our society!!

Few other people admit to their own small sensitivity, that is the nature of all people, but that they cover it over, do not "excercise those muscles, to grow them", do not validate these small talants.
Our way of life is what is called "worldly", and these here talants do not count for much, for most people. That *might* be "ok" if one's talants are not "strong" in these areas of the soul: what happens to a person who has been "delt" the lifecards of having Talants in this area that are much more in "abilities and gifts" than of most other people around him/her??!
--no one re-inforces these gifts, by "validating" them!
---there are few "schools" that offer "psychic 101", as a course, let alone #202...302....grad school!
---few teachers also.

just as in dream interpetation...the first and *most* important question is *NOT* what the dream means, it is "do dreams have a meaning that is more than just {brain motorings at night}?"!
Thus if one believes that dreams have no meaning at all; the second question..."what does this here dream mean" will never never be even asked, let alone answered!
Thus FIRST one has to believe and to Know that all the kinds of "psychicness" is Real and is important to develop, before one can ask about how to grow and to use this talant! One has to self-validate that the talant is real and is important, first.

Now that I know that my own inner feelings are actually a reflection of what is collectively going on within the 200-foot space around me, involving other people present, or present in the room, from the immediate past: then i can "distance" these feelings, if "negative" from myself, in that i can now say..."it is not I that "am" this"!
Then i can use the feelings, to learn, control, use...


I get out of my car, at the parking lot, in the State Park. I walk up the trail to the "attraction": "Grandview"....a 300-foot cliff
overlooking a vast plain. As i walk towards the overlook railing, i see that there are Created spots, by the park people, that are slightly better to see the view. I, knowing my talant, walk to be very very sure that I stand where the MOST people have stood, to see the ten mile view. i be sure to not stand where no one has ever stood.
As everyone who sees this incredible view, has a profound feeling of awe and wonder, this vibe has, over the years, saturated the very spot, just like of how old churches are saturated with that holy-feeling, created by years and years of devoted worshippers.
See, sports fans, i am not going to just "get off" on my own wonder, my own awe, I want to feel all of the other people's awe too!
their awe, intensifies mine! does not matter if i stand there alone, on a "off tourist day"! that psychic field is near-permanently there! a thousand viewers, over a year, can create
a powerfull psychic field!

---enough for today: maybe more later.