Monday, July 21, 2003

A "HEADS UP" dream!!

Last night I had some long dreams partly astral, partiality in spirit, with much half-remembered stuff.
The one clear part, I find a bit "Disturbing", and interesting! My friend "Sam", who died in 1999, has come to me in my dreams, a number of times.
about a year ago, I had a dream where I stood at the lower end of his farm, he owned a farm, an I looked
towards the woods at the upper end of his 100 acres. In this woods was his "Sacred spot", a spring...he looked 90% Indian, native American, and he just *knew* that he was an Indian Shaman in a previous lifetime.

[I once, years ago, while out of body, saw Sam floating by. He had a HAWK'S
"skin" on his head, like of a hat, so that on top of his head was a of a mounted hawk, bill...head...and all the feathers. A bit like the head of the hawk was like of a "third eye", as it was pulled down low over the head. I read later that is *the*
symbol of a Master Shaman OBE...astral spirit traveling!]

In the dream of about a year ago, I then saw Sam walking slowly down across the fields, from that sacred spot, in the woods. He walked up to me, slowly, and we shook hands, and that ...Essentially...he told me that he was happy, now, in heaven!

*objective meeting with deceased friend Sam*

from then on, about every three months, there is a small dream with Sam, where he meets me, just inside that lower end of his farm, where I go to just inside of the field.

Last night is no different. I find myself just inside of his field, and there he is, Sam.
While I cannot recall what we did afterwards, *if* we two did anything, I know what he told me! *that* will be "on my mind" for *quite* some time!!
All that he told me, was....
"---and be aware of that one year that you have before you die"!!

Sports fans: this does *NOT* refer to my vision that I had, in May 13th, of 2002, where the Master tells me In one year you will begin your Spirit life[or your Spirit Journey]"

One of the first Sam dreams that I had, about three or four months after he died, about the middle of January 2000, was where he told me something.
[Sam. now, would have been in heaven about 10 X 4 months, as he TOLD me, once, that there is ten years in heaven for each one year on earth! Thus Sam was in heaven already about a bit over three years, when he told me a message.

He seemed to show me a sheet of paper, and it was held right up to my face, so that the words filled my vision. The same words were repeated over and over and over, as to be sure to BURN them into my brain!!
the words?! "2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF"!!!

I kid you not, sports fans! *that* many times!
if "2005 AD" means..."2005 years After Dominus...after Christ Jesus died, then
"2005 DF" probably means...."2005 Death of Freestone"!!

Guess I will not close my other weblog, "one year to live" after all!!

Probably "January 2005", or there abouts.

stay tuned!!